Media Release - Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary (September 10, 2020)
Posted on 09/10/2020
Image of a council table with words council meeting summaryFor Immediate Release: September 10, 2020

The following items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Stratford Town Council held on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

Rezoning Passes Second Reading

Council approved second reading and adoption for a rezoning request from Greenway Realty Inc. to rezone parcel number 399725, approx. 6.46 acres in total, from the Low Density Residential Zone (R1) to the Planned Unit Residential Development Zone (PURD). Following this decision, Council also passed a resolution approving the development scheme presented for this property.

Second Reading and Adoption of Zoning and Development Bylaw #45C Minor Text Amendments

Minor text amendments are required to the Zoning and Development Bylaw #45 to correct an error within section 11.5.5(b) of the PURD Zone, minor amendments to the R2 and C2 sections, an insertion of a new section on fence heights in Section 8, and minor text amendments in the swimming pool section 8.14.1(a). These amendments were presented at a public meeting in July with no comments received by the deadline. Second reading and adoption was held.

Clearview Estates Revised Plan Denied

An application from MacDonald Quality Housing to revise the original subdivision plan for Phase 2 of Clearview Estates (parcel number 289637, previously approved on April 10, 2013), by revising the remaining lots to the new lot standards within the Town’s Zoning and Development Bylaw #45, was defeated unanimously by Council. The additional 11 lots would not have been able to be developed until a second access point out of Clearview Estates was established, in accordance with the requirements outlined by the Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy, and there is no current plan for this to occur in the near future. This may have caused these lots to remain undeveloped for a substantial period of time. This decision does not affect the previous approval received on April 10, 2013.

Community Campus Land Acquisition

The Town of Stratford has an agreement in principal to purchase two parcels of land, approximately 170 acres, for the planned Stratford Community Campus. Council approved a supplementary capital budget of $2,500,000 to enable a formal offer of purchase to be made. Residents of the Town have shown their support for this project, which will also be the location of a previously announced high school to be built by the Province of PEI, through various means including public meetings, a public consultation process and the annual resident survey. A further announcement will be made with details on the location and conditions of the agreement once the offers are finalized and accepted, with further consultation and engagement with residents to discuss the community campus development and needs for our growing community in both the shorter and longer term.


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