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Think! Stratford

Our town is full of hidden treasures, world-class businesses, and fun activities year-round. So much of what you’re looking for can be found right here, in your own backyard!

So we’re on a mission!

We invite you, our residents to Think! Stratford first, before you shop, play and explore. Think! Stratford is a new initiative designed to generate further support and excitement for all we have to offer in this great town of ours. From shops as unique as the people who own them to natural resources that make us the envy to many, Stratford is growing and we want to see that growth continue!

How can you help?

When going about your regular routine, seek for options available to you in Stratford. Gas, groceries, morning coffee, banking and exercise are just a few of the amenities close to home!

Keep an open mind. By trying new things, we come to find our new favorite things!

Encourage your friends and neighbours to Think! Stratford too. It takes you to start a trend!

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In Your Own Back Yard!

There are dozens of businesses operating in Stratford – and we’re featuring several of them on our business profile page. Click to see more. You can also look through our complete Town of Stratford Business Directory, and see just how much Stratford has to offer!

Over the coming months, we will be working hard to profile the great businesses and resources we have here in Stratford. You will see this information in the following ways:

  • On our website under “Think! Stratford” and on the directory, also found on the website
  • On our social media accounts: and on Twitter @stratfordPEI

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