Image of Stratford Mayor Steve OgdenMayor’s Message

Imagine That! Stratford continues to grow, attracting new residents and businesses that are contributing to a thriving and sustainable local economy. Volunteers and organizations are helping to improve our quality of life through community service, recreational events, and programs such as those offered at Stratford Community School. We truly live in a very special place, a community that we are proud to call home!

After a busy fall Town staff, Council and I are looking forward to making progress over the coming months on resident priorities including the following:

  • The 2020/21 Town budget process is underway, with a public meeting scheduled for February 20, 2020. We will present a draft budget at this meeting for your feedback.
  • A policing review will be considered as part of this year’s budget process. If approved, current and future community policing needs, service standards and service delivery options will be examined.
  • We are awaiting confirmation from the Province on land acquisition required for the new high school. We are also looking forward to hearing if our applications for Federal and Provincial funding have been approved for a multi-use facility which would be located near the new high school as part of the community campus. The facility would include an Olympic-sized rink for the 2023 Canada Winter Games. Fingers crossed!
  • Staff, Council and I are also working hard to bring more affordable housing to Stratford through consultations with developers and the Provincial Government. We hope to be able to announce more affordable housing initiatives over the next year.
  • Another important priority is working with the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group, developers and the Provincial Government on further measures to protect our environment. 

Other projects underway include the Wastewater Delivery System project which is progressing well, with ongoing work happening under the bridge at this time. As for the new Stratford Emergency Services Centre, it is substantially complete with RCMP, the Fire Department and Island EMS moved, or soon to be moving, into their new accommodations.

In closing, on behalf of Town staff and Council, I wish all residents a Happy 2020! I hope you had an enjoyable and peaceful holiday season.


Mayor Steve Ogden