Welcome to the Town of Stratford's Staff Directory. If you know who you wish to contact please use the following list organized by department. Please call our main office line at (902) 569-1995 or email [email protected] for general inquires or to contact staff members not listed below. 

Recreation Reception Desk: (902) 569-6250

Fax Numbers:
Administration, Finance & Infrastructure Department: (902) 569-5000
Planning & Recreation Department: (902) 569-1845

CAO Department   •   Finance & Technology Department   •   Infrastructure Department   •   Planning, Development & Heritage Department   •   Recreation, Culture & Events Department 

CAO Department 

Jeremy Crosby, P.Eng
Chief Administrative Officer

T: (902) 569-6923
E: [email protected]
Mary McAskill, Administrative Assistant
T: (902) 569-3018
E: [email protected]

Wendy Watts, Community and Business Engagement Manager
T: (902) 569-6921
E: [email protected]

Jade Veera, Engagement and Research Coordinator
T: (902) 367-5347
E: [email protected]

Madeleine Crowell, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator
T: (902) 218-3336
E: [email protected]

Finance & Technology Department

Kim O’Connell, CMA
Director of Finance & Technology 

T: (902) .569-6258
E: [email protected]

Paulette Clow, Accounting Clerk
T: (902) 569-6254
E: [email protected]

Cindy McInnis, Accounting Clerk

T: (902) 367-3228
E: [email protected]

Taewoo Kim (김태우), Financial Coordinator
T: (902) 367-2507
E: [email protected]

Audra Thorne-Bulger, Receptionist/Administration Clerk

T: (902) 569-1995
E: [email protected]

Donna Read-Auld, Utility Administration Clerk
T: (902) 569-6920
E: [email protected]

Infrastructure Department

Jeannie Gallant, Director of Infrastructure
T: (902) 367-3734
E: [email protected]

Carter Livingstone, Project Manager
T: (902) 367-4448
E: [email protected]

Joe Driscoll, Infrastructure Supervisor 

T: (902) 569-6252
E: [email protected]

Charlie Koughan, Infrastructure Coordinator
T: (902) 569-4662
E: [email protected]

Jason Hughes, Recreation Maintenance Supervisor
T: (902) 626-6834
E: [email protected] 
*For after office hours emergency water and sewer service call (902) 626-2177. 

Planning, Development & Heritage Department

Dale McKeigan, Director of Planning, Development & Heritage/Town Planner
T: (902) 569-4257
E: [email protected]

Phil Rough, Town Planner
T: (902) 569-6253
E: [email protected]

Sarah Kennedy, Development Officer 
T: (902) 370-6730
E: [email protected]

Sam Chace, Building Official
T: (902) 370-6710
E: [email protected]
Scott Carnall, Municipal Planning Navigator (Shape Stratford)
T: (902) 916-1319
E: [email protected]

 Stephanie DeWitt, Planning Clerk
T: (902) 569-6255
E: [email protected]

Island Wide Inspection Services
Rudi Saarloos, Inspection Contractor
T: (902) 394-6735
E: [email protected]

Recreation, Culture & Events Department

Jeremy Pierce, Director of Recreation, Culture & Events
T: (902) 367-4288
E: [email protected]

Tena McKenzie, Recreation Administrative Clerk
T: (902) 569-6250
E: [email protected] 

Rachel Arsenault, Recreation Coordinator
T: (902) 569-6924
E: [email protected]

Tanya Craig, Program Coordinator
T: (902) 569-6925
E: [email protected]

Duane Pineau, Youth and Family Coordinator
T: (902) 367-3294
E: [email protected]