water faucetAs part of our effort to become a more sustainable community, the Town of Stratford launched a universal water meter installation program throughout the Town. Water is one of our most valuable resources, but it is not an unlimited resource. Communities who have implemented universal water metering programs have seen a substantial increase in community stewardship of this precious resource.

Beginning in April of 2018, water meters are now required in every home and business serviced by the Stratford Utility. If you have not had your water meter installed or have questions/concerns about it please call the Town of Stratford at (902) 569-1995 or email [email protected].

A public information session was held for residents prior to the installation of water meters beginning. The presentation slides presented by Neptune Technologies are available here: Neptune Presentation and the slides presented by the Town of Stratford are available here: Stratford Water Meter Presentation.

Water meters allow us to accurately measure your water consumption which will create equitable billing based on your household usage, encourage water conservation, and help to detect leaks in your home. Tips on how you can save water are available on our Water Conservation Tips flyer.

In this video we explain how to monitor your daily water use and check for leaks using your water meter. Your Neptune Mach 10 water meter is an Ultrasonic Smart Meter; there are no moving parts that might wear over time and cause inaccurate readings. This water meter was selected for Stratford residents because of its reading accuracy and its user-friendly attributes. Enjoy this video tutorial and start using your meter to save water!

Still have questions? Find a list of Frequently Asked Questions here: Water Metering FAQ’s

The Town of Stratford and the Stratford Area Watershed Group are collaborating to provide residents with a FREE in-home water audit. For more info, click on 2020 Water Audit.