Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I submit a FOIPP Request?
A: You can mail or drop off a filled out FOIPP Form at the Stratford Town Centre, 234, Shakespeare Drive, Stratford, PE, C1B 2V8. Completed forms can also be emailed to either Wendy Watts at [email protected] or Mary McAskill at [email protected].

Q: How long before my request to access records under FOIPP is completed?
ARequests for records will be completed within 30 days unless extended.

What happens if access to the record or part of it is refused?
The applicant will be informed about the reasons for the refusal or provided with the contact information of a staff person who can further explain the refusal.

Is there a fee for requesting information under FOIPP?
There is an initial fee of $5.00 with possible additional costs to locate, retrieve, prepare, handle and photocopy records.

QDo I need to go through a FOIPP Request any time I seek information from the Town?
A: Y
ou may wish to try other informal means of obtaining the information before you make a request using the legislation. If you choose to make your request informally, it is recommended that you contact the office responsible for information you are seeking. Refer to our staff directory for staff contact information. If you are looking for general information and cannot find it on our website, please let us know at [email protected].

QHow do I submit a Request for Decision (RFD)?
AYou can mail or drop off a filled out Request for Decision Form at the Stratford Town Centre, 234, Shakespeare Drive, Stratford, PE, C1B 2V8. Completed forms can also be emailed to either Wendy Watts at [email protected] or Mary McAskill at [email protected].

Are there rules or restrictions to using open data?
AYou may copy, modify, publish, translate, adapt, distribute or otherwise use the information in any medium, mode or format for any lawful purpose. Information is to be used in accordance with the terms of the Open Government Licence

How is the open data presented?
AThe Town will publish the data in an open format and provide easy, reliable access to it. 

What information are considered open information and data?
They include assessment information; approved financial plans, approved annual financial statements, auditor reports, minutes of Council and Council Committee Meetings; bylaws and proposed bylaws which have received first reading; resolutions of Council and Council Committees passed at open meetings; issued permits; granted approvals; grants and donations; all contracts, except where information can jeopardize an individual’s safety or where disclosure can harm competitive position or negotiation of the municipality; all compensation, expenses, and other payments made annually to council members; strategic plans; all policies; documents that have been tabled or adopted at open meetings of Council or Council Committees.

QAre personal information disclosed under the Open Government Bylaw?
No personal information will be disclosed, except in accordance with Part IV of the Open Government Bylaw, with FOIPP and the Municipal Government Act, and only to the person whose personal information it is or to an authorized person. For instance, disclosure of personal information in the case of a license, permit or other similar discretionary benefit, is not considered an unreasonable invasion of a third party’s personal privacy.

QWhat type of information remains undisclosed under the Open Government Bylaw?
The following information will not be released under the Open Government Bylaw: personal information; data that is subject to a legal or contractual obligation to keep confidential; and data that is restricted for public safety reasons.