Community Art

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso

The Town of Stratford recognizes the value of celebrating and promoting arts and culture in the town. To enrich, engage, and inspire the community in a meaningful way, the Town has been commissioning and installing public art for everyone to enjoy.

Art can bring you happiness, inspire you to view the world differently or enhance your interactions and experiences with our natural world. If you have not seen these amazing pieces in person or wish to appreciate them all over again, we challenge you to a fun ‘treasure hunt’ that the whole family can enjoy. Hunt them down, and soak in the creativity!

Below is a list of all the community art that have either been donated to the Town or commissioned. To skip to a particular year, select the year you would like to access here:
1997 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2009 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2017 - 2019

Artist/Designer: Gerald Beaulieu
Location: Fullerton's Creek Conservation Park (MacIntosh Drive, Reeve's Estates)
Description: This beautiful sculpture was designed and created by the artist to honour the natural wildlife present at Fullerton’s Creek Conservation Park. This piece was created using copper, steel, and wood. The whole sculpture, including the giant cattail, weighs about 800 pounds!

CANADA 150 MOSAICCanada 150 Mosaic
Artist/Designer: Lewis Lavoie
Location: Stratford Town Centre (when you walk up the stairs to the gym and fitness area)
Description: This piece was created by the residents of Stratford to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Canada. Each tile was hand painted by members of the community to create this historic and permanent public art. Former Mayor, David Dunphy, unveiled this intricate piece of artwork.

Artist/Designer: Terry Dunton Stevenson & Lionel Stevenson
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road)
Description: The artists were influenced by artist Rene Magritte's surrealist painting entitled "The Human Condition" in creating this piece. It has been constructed from metal into a life size 3D piece that looks like an easel with a frame for a canvas. Where the canvas would normally be, the area remains open creating a view of nature around it. A pot of metal brushes attached further adds to the illusion that it is a landscape painted on the easel. The viewer interacts with this piece by rotating the easel and changing the view.

RACCOON IN A WILLOW DENRaccoon in a Willow Den
Artist/Designer: Kate Sharpley, Tiffany Baxter & Gweneth Branch Rice
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road)
Description: The artists created an art piece with a focal point that is playful and interactive, targeting the younger park user and animal lovers alike. It is constructed from layers of living willow branches rooted into the ground and tied to form a den structure while inside the den is a life-size model of a raccoon. As the structure of the den is living, it continues to change throughout the year with each season.

Artist/Designer: Terry Dunton Stevenson & Lionel Stevenson
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road)
Description: The artists created a box which allows the viewer to look into one of the four sides and see mirrored reflections of the box's natural surroundings. The four sides have tempered glass windows in shapes related to nature which reflects various surrounding objects from nature on the mirrors inside. This piece also rotates for the user to change the view.

Artist/Designer: Leona MacIntosh
Location: Stratford Town Centre (where specifically?)
Description: This acrylic on canvas painting…


Artist/Designer: Ahmon Katz
Location: Kinlock Park (61, Bonavista Ave)
Description: This eye-catching artwork was created using steel, copper, and plexiglass…

LOOKING FOR OBERONLooking for Oberon
Artist/Designer: Carl Phillis
Location: Stratford Town Centre (on the front lawn at 234, Shakespeare Drive)
Description: This creation was made using re-claimed metal…

Stratford Heritage Homes (wide) STRATFORD HERITAGE HOMES
Artist/Designer: Florence Cleroux
Description: These hooked wool rugs…


Artist/Designer: Terry Dunton Stevenson
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road)
Description: This work was created using re-claimed metal and portrays…