Municipal Government Act

The new Municipal Government Act came into effect in December 2017 and balances increased powers with greater accountability and transparency. The Municipal Government Act enables municipalities to represent their residents with expanded powers. 

  • All Island municipalities now have the same powers.
  • The new legislation allows municipalities to adopt bylaws related to the general health and welfare of their residents, bringing PEI in line with municipalities across the country.

The Municipal Government Act includes new requirements to increase transparency and accountability, including:

  • Rules for awarding of grants and selling of land below market value;
  • Required audited financial statements each year;
  • Required liability insurance to protect municipal assets and council members and taxpayers;
  • Rules for procurement ensuring transparency in awarding of contracts;
  • Enhanced access to information and protection of privacy requirements;
  • Election campaign rules including spending limits and public disclosure; and
  • A requirement that all meetings to be open to the public, except to discuss specific topics outlined in the Act.