Seniors Match & ExchangeSenior Match & Exchange Program

Senior match:
Seniors can connect with one another and expand their circle of friends. They can also seek help from other seniors, share stories and interests, ask questions, and much more!

Senior exchange:
This platform helps seniors to lend/borrow goods or services to and from other seniors in the community. They are also able to share their skills, talents, or interests with other seniors in the community to create a connected, inclusive and healthy community.

Who can register?

  • Seniors of 55 years and older who are also residents of Stratford
  • Must possess a smartphone or tablet computer to access the app

Note: Users must register directly from the app. To ensure transparency and responsible use of the digital platform, real names have to be used on the app. Aside from users' names, no other personal information is displayed or shared.

How to apply?

  • Download the Stratford Connects app to your phone or tablet
  • Sign up from the app to access your online community (no paper application). Once completed, approval will take up to 4 business days to process. Once approved you will receive an email allowing you to begin using the app.
  • Start a conversation with other users, place a request for an exchange and be able to respond to others. 

Meet & Exchange

Some of the options that are available are:

  • Friendships and Connections: Make new friends by posting a short intro about yourself and your interests.
  • Shopping Buddy: Find a new person to go shopping with, whether it’s for groceries or for a new dress - you just have to ask!
  • The Great Outdoors: Connect with others who enjoy the outdoors as much as you do - maybe even organize a walk or hike, enjoy a picnic, or head out for some sightseeing etc.
  • Social Lunches: Do you avoid restaurants or community events because you don't want to eat alone? Just ask, "who's up for lunch?" and then share a meal together at a restaurant or attend the next Town pancake breakfast together! 
  • Equipment and tools exchange: Connect with other seniors in the community to borrow or lend a tool, garden equipment or small appliance. A great way to save money by borrowing what you don't have and lending out what you do have!
  • Skills, Hobbies and Interests: Connect and discuss shared interests with other seniors in the community. Are you a pro at basket weaving, quilting, carpentry etc.? Then, why not organize a social to get together and share your talent and a few tips with others?! Would you enjoy getting together with others who have a common interest - make a post and see if there are others in our community who would like to do the same.
  • Occasional Drivers: In this category, seniors can connect with other seniors to share a drive, request a drive or provide a drive to another senior in need. Whether to the hospital (non-emergency appointments), to a doctor's appointment, church or a community event, use this space to ask for a drive or to respond to a request for a drive. This is not intended to be a free taxi style service but rather for helping other seniors out on an occasional basis. There is no guarantee that someone will be available to provide a drive at the time requested. No cash or payment can be exchanged (perhaps you'd like to say thanks by buying a coffee or sending your driver home with a baked good, that's OK but a simple thank you goes a long way too).
  • Questions and Discussions: Seniors can ask other seniors questions or engage in discussions around topics of their choice. A handy place to share stories too!