History of the Town of Stratford

The Town of Stratford, once Southport, Bunbury, Cross Roads, Keppoch-Kinlock and Battery Point, has a wide and varied history. In early times the area had been used as a Mi'kmaq summer camping area, and during the French regime several families were recorded in the 1752 census at Anse de St-Pierre (in the area later called Keppoch). The first settlers, the Acadians, brought farming, shipbuilding and brick making to our area. When the European settlers arrived some 20 years later, the land was opened for further development. On April 1, 2020, the Town of Stratford celebrated the 25th anniversary of the amalgamation that created the Town of Stratford.

The Town of Stratford is experiencing an era of rapid population growth and development. Amid this growth, a strong sense of community history has become paramount. Attitudes toward heritage preservation have improved dramatically in recent years with people recognizing the intrinsic value of built heritage. As well, it is acknowledged that there is economic and environmental benefits in addition to the cultural and historic value within the built heritage of our community. 

The Town's Heritage Policy provides more information regarding heritage protection and incentives. 

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To apply for funding through the Town's incentive grant program, please fill out the application form and submit it to the Town of Stratford Planning Department. 

Stratford has 11 properties registered in the Prince Edward Island Register of Historic Places.