Stratford Town Map

This map details streets in the Town of Stratford. 
2022 Stratford Street Map

Stratford 2021 Active Transportation Map

This map identifies locations of trails, sidewalks, bike lanes, etc. in Stratford.

2022 Active Transportation Map (Bike Lanes)
2022 Active Transportation Map (Sidewalks & Trails)

Stratford Electoral Wards

This map provides the written description and a map of each of the 3 Wards making up the electoral districts in the Town of Stratford. Each Ward is represented by 2 Councillors and a town-wide election is held for Mayor. The next Municipal Election will be held on Monday, November 2, 2026.

  • Mayor Steve Ogden 
  • Ward 1: Councillor Cox and Councillor Dowling
  • Ward 2: Councillor Chandler and Councillor MacDonald
  • Ward 3: Councillor Gallant and Councillor Jackson

Stratford Electoral Wards Map

Stratford Land Use Zoning Map

This map provides detail on land use zoning within the Town of Stratford.

Stratford Land Use Zoning Map

Stratford Water & Sewer Maps

This map details the water mains and sewer line within the Town of Stratford.

Municipal Water Map
Municipal Sewer Map

Stratford Area Watershed Map

This map details natural area features, wetlands, sloped lands, public lands and satelite imagery.

Stratford Area Watershed