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The Town of Stratford, City of Charlottetown, and the School of Climate Change and Adaptation at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) have partnered to create Climate Trackers, a citizen-science initiative focused on data collection, that will help each municipality better understand the local impacts of climate change.

What are the indicators of climate change?
Changes in plant and animal behaviour, arrival of invasive species, a shift in planting or harvesting dates for agriculture, increasing temperatures and more frequent and intense weather events are all indicators of climate change. Residents in both Stratford and Charlottetown are invited to note their observations related to these recurring seasonal events.

Can anyone become a climate tracker?
This family-friendly initiative does not require any previous science or data collection experience. Everyone can participate and track their observations via the UPEI Climate Diary App. Observations that are added to the web app will then be used by climatologists at UPEI for research purposes and by municipal staff to help inform climate change adaptation efforts. Citizens who register to become an official Climate Tracker will receive a Climate Diary along with a Nature Guide to help identify and track their observations.

How can I learn more about this?
We are offering 4 workshops between May and June 2022 to teach volunteers about this project and how to use the UPEI Climate Diary App and the Climate Diary, signs of spring, invasive species, and climate change. 

You can pre-register for any of these workshops by selecting the following link: CLIMATE TRACKERS WORKSHOP PRE-REGISTRATION

You can also select any of the workshops below to learn more about each of these sessions.

How do I register to become a climate tracker?
Join us to participate in meaningful research and discussions that will inform future decision-making in the Town of Stratford!
Register HERE to become a climate tracker.