Media Release: Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary (August 9, 2023)
Posted on 08/10/2023
Image of a pile of post-it notepads and the words media release written on the top page of oneFor Immediate Release: August 10, 2023

The following items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Stratford Town Council held on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Paving Tender Awarded

A resolution was approved which awarded Island Construction Ltd. with the paving project for required parking lot paving at Robert Cotton Park. Island Construction Ltd. was the lower bidder at $102,795.00 plus HST.

Special Permit Use Approved

An application from Kinlock EZ Self-Storage at 15 MacKinnon Drive to construct the final phase of development on parcel number 1133289 was approved. The final two self-storage buildings will total 9,810 sq. ft. and be located in-line with the existing buildings on site.

Disposition of Assets

In accordance with Policy No 29 Disposition of Assets, the Town of Stratford approved the purchase and sale of parcel number 996595 to Donald and Pam Newcombe. The property, measuring 404 sq meters, was appraised and found to have little value to the Town of Stratford as parkland, therefore leading to the resolution to dissolve of this property for the appraised value of $4,300.

Variance and Subdivision Approved

An application from Kreative Acres Corp. to subdivide parcel number 328666, located at 25 Barkley Avenue, into two single detached dwelling lots was approved. The proposed lots are in the Low-Density Residential Zone (R1) which requires the minimum frontage to be 22m however the preliminary survey plan shows the proposed two lots to each have 18.898 m of thereby requiring the variance of 14.1%.

Reddin Meadows Subdivision Approved

Preliminary approval was granted to an application from Landfest Company Ltd. to subdivide parcel numbers 1061175, 1061167, and 329011 (approx. 14.01 acres in total) in accordance with the submitted development scheme prepared by Fathom Studios in association with SableArc, dated July 2021. The development includes 84 total units (two 6-unit townhouses, seven 5-unit townhouses, two 4-unit townhouses, two 3-unit townhouses, and 23 single unit dwellings).

Corish Forcemain Extension

Council approved a resolution for engineering services to complete the design, tendering and contract administration for the Corish Forcemain Extension project. The contract was awarded to the highest scored respondent from the evaluation team, WSP Canada Inc., in the amount of $151,490 (HST excluded).

Housing Accelerator Fund

A resolution was approved by Council supporting the Town’s application to the Housing Accelerator Fund available through Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation. The funding initiative is designed to provide financial support and resources to municipalities in developing attainable housing projects and address the housing crisis in Canada. The seven proposed Housing Accelerator Fund initiatives were approved and the application will now be completed by staff before the August 18, 2023 deadline.

Committee Member Appointments

Two committee members were appointed to fill vacancies on two Town of Stratford committees. The individuals will be appointed for the remainder of the two-year term ending on November 30, 2024 and are as follows:

Finance and Technology Committee: Anthony Aucoin
Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee: Jordan Thibault


The Mayor proclaimed September 2023 “Arthritis Awareness Month” in the Town of Stratford.


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Media Release: Media Release - Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary (August 9, 2023)
Agenda: August 9, 2023
Recording: August 9, 2023