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The Town of Stratford has a well-deserved reputation for its environmentally responsible approach to governance. As a result, we enjoy clean air, green spaces, and energy efficiency. As residents, we can do our part to be sure that Stratford remains a sustainable community. Check out our tips for saving energy, recycling, maintaining yards and gardens, and enjoying our green spaces! Share with us and each other your own ideas for green living! Learn more about Stratford’s sustainable policies, cosmetic pesticide bylaw, fresh air recreation, and our community energy plan.

Our Featured Naturally Tip

Tip on Dealing with Invasive Species

 Do you have a tip on being environmentally responsible? Send us an email at [email protected].

Our Featured Town Action

old fashioned tomato grown in a community gardenThe Town of Stratford, along with the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group have developed a community garden in the heart of Stratford.

Community gardens can provide a wide variety of benefits to residents. Such as:

  • Providing members of the community with fresh, healthy and local food
  • Providing gardeners with regular exercise and recreation
  • Plus there is more...
See additional benefits of community gardens and living Naturally Stratford, here.