The Town of Stratford is committed to building a strong local economy, preserving our heritage, celebrating our diverse culture, and respecting the natural environment entrusted to us for present and future generations. Stratford is situated on a peninsula just south of Charlottetown, the provincial capital of Prince Edward Island. Stratford is surrounded with magnificent water views bound by Fullertons Marsh, the Hillsborough River, the Charlottetown Harbour and the Hillsborough Bay. The Trans-Canada Highway, which connects the eastern end of the province to Charlottetown and areas further west, bisects the Town of Stratford.

In early times the area was a Mi'kmaq summer camping location. The Stratford area was first permanently settled in the 1750’s by Acadian families and early economic activities included farming, shipbuilding, and brick making. The Town of Stratford was created in 1995 from the former communities of Bunbury, Southport, Crossroads, Keppoch-Kinlock and the unincorporated area of Battery Point. Stratford covers a land area of 22 square kilometers (5,230 acres), and is a highly desirable, peaceful community with a rich rural heritage and high quality of life.

The landscape of the Stratford area varies. Whereas elevations rise to 88.7 meters along the southern coast of Stratford, there are also areas of high slope adjacent to several tributaries, rolling hills, flatlands, a significant number of watercourses and kilometers of coastline amongst the Town’s broad spectrum of topography.

In 2021, the number of census dwellings in Stratford was 4,667 and a total population of 10,927. This represents a change of 12.5% from 2016. This compares to a growth rate for Canada of 5.2% over the same period. In Stratford, 66% of private households lived in single-detached houses. After Canada’s official languages of English and French, the three most common mother tongues are Chinese, Mandarin and Dutch (2021 Census to be updated).

Stratford is by no means a typical PEI or Atlantic Canadian community; its population is in fact growing strongly with an influx of new residents - both new to Stratford and new immigrants to the country. Stratford is favoured by the ongoing urbanization of the Island and has exhibited robust growth since its formation in the mid-1990s. Stratford is the fastest growing municipality in Prince Edward Island was the second fastest growing community in Atlantic Canada after Dieppe, NB after the 2011 and 2016 census. Now that the predominantly residential community has grown to over 10,000 persons, a new commercial core is beginning to emerge and recent developments are creating a full service community. With current development in the core area, Stratford is ready for a significant increase in retail and commercial activity in our “downtown” area.

The quality of life in the town is enhanced by the pride that residents take in their properties, the abundance and accessibility of recreation programs, the proliferation of municipal parks, the beautiful views of water and pasture land, the number and variety of trees in the community, and the community spirit that is evidenced by the high level of voluntarism and engagement of residents in decision making.

Demographic Profile

The population of Stratford was 10,927 in the 2021 census, a strong increase from just 10 years ago at 8,574 in the 2011 census. The Town of Stratford continues to be one of the fastest growing municipalities on Prince Edward Island. 

Population growth alone does not tell the whole story for Stratford because of changes in the demographic profile of our residents. The number of persons per dwelling unit in Stratford has stabilized reflecting a younger family profile within the community relative to Prince Edward Island and Canada. 

In 2021, the percentage of the population aged 65 and over in Stratford, was 18.4%, compared with a national percentage of 19%. The percentage of the working age population (15 to 64) was 62.7% and the percentage of children aged 0 to 14 was 18.9%. In comparison, the national percentages were 64.8% for the population aged 15 to 64 and 16.3% for the population aged 0 to 14.

The strong growth of the Town can be seen in the growth of private residential dwelling units in Stratford; from 2011 to 2021 the number of dwellings increased in Stratford from 3,509 to 4,667. The Town of Stratford is the preferred location for residential development in PEI and all indications are that this trend will continue.


Stratford is located approximately 60 km from the Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick and 60 km from the Wood Islands Ferry to Nova Scotia. Stratford is connected to Charlottetown by the Hillsborough Bridge which has the highest annual average traffic volume in PEI, an average of over 31,000 vehicles per day cross the bridge into Stratford. It takes less than 10 minutes to drive to the Charlottetown Airport and only 5 minutes to drive to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or downtown Charlottetown.


Stratford’s tax rates remain among the lowest of any of the full service communities in the Province of PEI. The municipal residential property tax rate is $0.45 per $100 of assessment and the municipal commercial rate is $1.25 per $100 of assessment. Provincial property taxes are in addition to this, both residential and commercial, and are the same in all communities.

Town Services

The Town of Stratford provides police protection, fire protection, street lighting, sidewalks, animal control, urban planning and building inspection, and a number of other services. The majority of the Town is serviced by a municipal sewer system and a growing portion of the Town is serviced by a central water system.

The Town of Stratford has four major community parks and over 30 neighbourhood parks. There is an outdoor recreational trail (active transportation) system in development and public access to the shore in several locations throughout the town including the public beaches at Tea Hill Park and Kinlock Beach Park. Town owned recreation facilities include 4 ball fields, 6 soccer fields, 4 tennis courts, an outdoor rink, an arts centre, and a youth/seniors centre.

Stratford offers many different art, cultural and recreational programs for all ages, including: soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, hockey, ball hockey, basketball, tennis, badminton, line dancing, fitness classes, karate, walking, wildlife carving, cricket, pickleball, painting, creative space, and more. The Town also hosts special events such as Canada Day celebrations, Winter Fest (Winter Carnival), a New Year’s Day Levee, Fall Fest, and various other functions and celebrations.

Municipal offices are located in Stratford Town Centre at 234 Shakespeare Drive. The Town Centre also includes a stage, gymnasium, walking track, meeting rooms, town offices and leased office space for the headquarters of the Eastern School District.

As part of the town’s effort to increase employment and the commercial tax base, a business park was constructed adjacent to the existing industrial area of the community. The first phase of the business park was completed in 2000 and with all lots sold, a third phase is now in development. Business Park services include fire rated water, sewer, three phase power and fibre optic cable access.

Town Planning

The Official Plan is the over-arching plan to guide how the Town will develop over the long term. The Plan provides the foundation for the Zoning and Development Bylaw and the direction for Council’s actions. The Zoning Map shows the rules for development on each and every property within the Town.


Residential housing lots vary in price within the Town of Stratford. The residential housing market is very strong in Stratford, with more than 4,600 dwelling units in the town. Stratford is one of the fastest growing municipality in the province and has been the second fastest growing municipality in the Maritimes in the 2011 and 2016 census.

Commercial Services

Stratford is becoming a regional service center for residents of the surrounding service area which extends into eastern Prince Edward Island. There is an eighteen hole championship golf course, Fox Meadow Golf Course, with a first class clubhouse and excellent facilities located near the center of town.

Residents and visitors will find two full service grocery stores, a number of medical and dental clinics, multiple pharmacies, liquor store, restaurants, and more than 130 other various business enterprises for your personal or commercial needs. Minutes from the vast retail services provided within the Greater Charlottetown Area, Stratford is a great place to live and work, truly a town of beauty and opportunity.