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The Town of Stratford acknowledges the outstanding community spirit that exists within the Town. Through our Stratford Spirit program, we wish to empower residents to show their appreciation for other residents within our community.

Do you ever feel that some efforts go unnoticed? Do you want to say thank you to someone in the community? 

Stratford Spirit is a recognition program for you to identify and thank another resident for their good deed or hard work in the community. This can be anything from raking leaves for a neighbour, maintaining a beautiful lawn or garden, giving someone a free ride to an appointment, shoveling snow from your doorstep, picking up groceries or other items for you - in simple terms, ANYTHING that deserves a thank-you!

You can do this in ONE simple step: by filling out the form below!

What happens next...?

Once we receive the information you supplied, the Mayor will personally write a handwritten note to the resident you wish to thank. may ask? Well, we want to thank this outstanding individual too and we don't want these efforts to go unnoticed anymore!

The thank-you card will highlight their efforts in the community and let them know who thinks the world of them (this is YOU!), should you allow us to disclose your identity.

Alongside you, the Town wishes to celebrate the simple, but oh so important, everyday achievements that happen within our community, and pass along our message of thanks and appreciation to these champions residing in the community. 

Stratford Spirit

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