Stratford Community Campus

Image of the proposed Community Campus layout

The Town of Stratford is pleased to announce that we have signed purchase and sale agreements with two property owners to purchase approximately 170 acres of land for the planned Stratford Community Campus. The property is located between the Stratford Business Park and the Bunbury Road as shown on the attached map.

The Stratford Community Campus will be developed over a period of years and will include the new high school, sport fields, multi-use courts, trails and a community wellness centre. There is also sufficient land for a junior high school in future. The total cost of the land was approximately $2.4 million. A portion will be sold to the province for the high school and a portion will be sold to the Stratford Business Park Corporation for an extension of the business park.

***All updates and information relating to the Community Campus will be accessible from this page. Stay tuned!***

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