Stratford Connects

Stratford Connects Mobile App

Stratford Connects is a mobile application developed by the Town of Stratford to help seniors connect with one another, and the wider community, in an effort to encourage senior engagement and combat social isolation. 

Stratford Connects has 3 programs:
1. Newcomer Match 
2. Stratford Grandparents 
3. Senior Match & Exchange program

Newcomer Match ProgramNewcomer Match program
This program will match seniors with newcomer families, couples or individuals new to the Town of Stratford. The aim is to help seniors create new social interactions while helping newcomers adjust to their new home and integrate into the community. 

Select the following link for more information or to apply for Newcomer Match program.

Stratford Grandparents 
This program is designed for seniors and families living in Stratford.Stratford Grandparents Seniors will find themselves fulfilling the role of an older adult, mentor, or grandparent to families who will benefit from the occasional emotional and social support that these 'grandparents' can provide through the concept of an extended family. The aim of the program is to help build positive intergenerational relationships  by adding richness to the lives of participating seniors and families, to help families strengthen their family unit, and provide learning opportunities to, and from, all of participants.

Select the following link for more information or to apply for the Stratford Grandparents program.

Senior Match & Exchange program
This program will help seniors connect with one another and expand their social circles through the exchange of skills, knowledge and time. Within the app eight topic areas exist for seniors to connect ranging from making friendships and connections, to finding a shopping buddy, to exchanging equipment and tools, or finding an Seniors Match & Exchangeoccasional drive to appointments or community events.
It is as easy as posting something like, "Who wants to meet up this Sunday?" or "Anyone want to go for a walk at Fullerton's Creek Conservation Park tomorrow?" or even something like, "Looking to borrow a hammer - can anyone help?"

Select the following link for more information about the Senior Match & Exchange program. The app 'Stratford Connects' is available for free download from the app store on your device.

Apple Device Available on Apple devices here                   
Android Device Available on Android devices here

You can also select the following link to access the step-by-step guide on how to download and install the app.

Common questions for the  Newcomer Match and Stratford Grandparent Match programs

Q: How are matches for the Newcomer Match and Stratford Grandparent programs made?
A: Matches are made by a member of the Town's staff. Some of the information that will be taken into consideration are: proximity of participants, shared values and interests, and program expectations.

Q: What is the group information session and meet & greet?
A: At t
he information session, staff will go over some of the guidelines of the program and ensure all participants understand their roles and responsibilities. The meet & greet happens after the information session, and will introduce each participant to their match. This is done so as a way to ensure there is a "no pressure" first opportunity to say hello and meet each other. Both sessions are expected to last between 1 - 1.5 hours.

Q: Will staff organize meetings or follow up with participants after each meeting?
A: Participants are expected to manage their meetings independently and there is no follow up after each meeting. However, staff will reach out to participants within the first 3 months of the initial meeting between parties and at the end of the 1-year to evaluate performance of the program and receive feedback. 

Q: Can I withdraw from the program or the match?
The Town of Stratford understands that relationships do not always work out however we ask that participants request for withdrawal from either program in writing only after at least 3 meetings, where possible. At that time, participants will have the option to end their current match but still participate in the program if they choose to, with the understanding that they will be put back into the pool of participants until a new match is found. Before submitting a request to withdraw from the program, participants are welcome to reach out to staff regarding their concerns about the program.  This will allow the Town to remediate the situation where possible. Subsequently, participants will be required to send an email or letter to the Town of Stratford to confirm their decision to withdraw from the program.  A staff member will process the letter and confirm the withdrawal.