2020 Nominations now open! 

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Volunteers are - and always will be - an essential part of our community. 

The Volunteer of the Year Award; Youth Volunteer of the Year Award; and Senior Volunteer of the Year Award are presented annually to  acknowledge and reward volunteer citizens who have made an outstanding contribution to the community as part of the Town of Stratford's Canada Day celebrations. 

The award recipients will receive a gift from Mayor and Council and have their name displayed at Stratford Town Center, 234 Shakespeare Drive on a desiccated plaque to honor the annual recipient of each award. Nominees will be recognized for their volunteer efforts and will receive an official acknowledgement on behalf of the Town of Stratford.


Volunteering is the act of people being involved in the improvement of their surroundings. Volunteer acts can occur within a structured organization (ex. volunteering at your library) or in an informal setting (ex. raking leaves for your neighbor).

Those eligible to receive this award include any individual who performs a volunteer act/acts (as defined above) within the Town of Stratford community. The purpose of this award is to focus on recognizing individual citizens. The Volunteer Award Selection Committee will also accept a submission that nominates two or more people together.

  • Those eligible for the Volunteer of the Year Award will be adults age 19 to 64 years of age.

  • Those eligible for the Youth Volunteer of the Year Award will be youth ages 13 to 18 years of age.

  • Those eligible for the Senior Volunteer of the Year Award will be adults age 65 years and over.

Selection Process:

The Town of Stratford will oversee the award, provide title and the way in which it is presented. A committee under the direction of the Town’s Recreation, Culture and Events Committee will select the recipient.

How to send in a submission:

Nomination Forms may be picked up at Stratford Town Center, 234 Shakespeare Drive. Completed nomination form may be forwarded to the Town of Stratford’s Recreation, Culture and Events Department at the address below.

All submission must be signed. The annual deadline for submissions is Friday, May 29, 2020 at 4:00 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Award decisions will be selected based solely on the information provided, so it is important that all relevant information accompanies the nomination for the Volunteer Award Selection Committee to make the best possible decision.

Submit to:

Volunteer Award Selection Committee 
Town of Stratford
c/o Recreation, Culture & Events Department
234 Shakespeare Drive (or drop off at Stratford Town Centre) 
Stratford, PE   C1B 2V8

Email: info@townofstratford.ca
T: (902) 569-1995

Please print off an application form below or pick up a copy from our offices. 

Application form: Volunteer of Year - Nominee Entry Form - Stratford.pdf