Citizens on Patrol - Stratford is a volunteer program designed to encourage residents of Stratford to contribute to the safety of their community by observing and reporting suspicious events to the RCMP, and supporting Town initiatives. Committed to crime prevention, COPS volunteers patrol by car, in pairs, for one or two three-hour shifts a month, on Friday and Saturday nights and occasions like prom, Canada Day, and Halloween. To be eligible to participate in the program, COPS volunteers must be at least eighteen years of age, undergo a criminal record check, and complete an orientation of two evenings of supervised patrolling. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Nicole Phillips at 902-388-1832 or email [email protected].

Image of citizen on Patrol members with RCMP members

The Stratford Citizens on Patrol is a volunteer program that was established in 2008 where residents help to keep the community safe by volunteering to patrol the community and provide an “extra set of eyes and ears” for the RCMP. The program is funded in part by the Town and work closely with the RCMP. Citizens on Patrol observe and report suspicious events to the RCMP and do not intervene in any way to ensure their safety.

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