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Exposure to pesticides can be serious for people with chemical sensitivities or lung diseases, and can set off an immediate physical reaction, such as an asthma attack or severe headache. There is a growing body of evidence that implicates pesticide exposure to the increased occurrence of several types of cancers and other serious health conditions.The Stratford Town Council has adopted the precautionary principle, which denotes a duty to prevent harm when it is within the town's ability to do so, even if all of the evidence is not conclusive. Stratford Residents, in the 2015 Annual Resident Survey, also expressed strong support for the enactment of a bylaw to restrict or ban the use of cosmetic pesticides in the town. Specifically 73% of residents supported restrictions or a ban while 12% did not support a restriction or ban, and 14% of respondents did not know or did not answer.


Municipalities have been granted the authority by the Province of PEI to regulate non-domestic pesticides, which are those applied by a commercial applicator.

The province will continue to regulate the use of non-domestic pesticides on agriculture land, golf courses, forests, and on or inside buildings, along with all domestic pesticide products.

Homeowners can continue to purchase products from local retailers to apply themselves or can continue to work with licensed applicators who can work within the bylaw to provide ongoing service.


There are two classes of pesticides in Canada:

Domestic Pesticides are lower toxicity pesticides that are approved by Health Canada for use by the general public. The sale of Domestic Pesticides is controlled by the Province and property owners are free to purchase and use any product that they can buy in a hardware store. Municipalities have no control over the use of Domestic Pesticides.

Non-Domestic Pesticides are higher toxicity pesticides that must be applied by a certified operator and cannot be purchased directly by the general public.The province has granted authority to municipalities to regulate the use of Non-Domestic Pesticides for the control of landscape pests on all property except:

  • for the management of Pests that transmit human diseases or affect agriculture or forestry;
  • on golf courses
  • to buildings or inside buildings
  • on land used for agriculture, forestry or transportation; or
  • on land used for public utilities or pipelines unless the public utility is vested in the Town.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Town of Stratford at (902) 569-1995 or [email protected].


To improve the health of residents and of the environment, based on resident support and on the precautionary principle, the Stratford Town Council enacted Bylaw # 35 - the Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw in 2015.

The bylaw restricts the application of Non-Domestic Pesticides, for the control of lawn and garden pests in Stratford, to an allowed list of lower toxicity, organic pesticides that can be found in Appendix A of the bylaw. The bylaw came into effect on January 1, 2016.


The Bylaw includes an exception clause which, in the case of a severe insect infestation that threatens the viability of the lawn, allows Applicators (companies licensed by the province to use Non-Domestic Pesticides) to use higher toxicity Non-Domestic Pesticides that are not on the allowed list in Appendix A.

To gain an exception, Homeowners/Applicators must complete an Exception Clause Application, pay the $50 application fee and demonstrate that the infestation exceeds the minimum threshold for an infestation in accordance with Appendix B of the Bylaw.

If an exception is granted, the Applicator must follow provincial requirements for application of a Non-Domestic Pesticide.


The Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw

Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw - Exception Clause Application

The media release for the Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw.

The results from the Stratford Resident Survey regarding the use of pesticides
on residential properties.

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