Water Audit The Town of Stratford and the Stratford Area Watershed Group are collaborating to provide residents with a FREE in-home water audit.

The water audit program aims to improve the quantity and quality of local groundwater. It will:
  • Teach residents how to read their water meter and check for leaks.
  • Educate residents about how much water they are using based on their water meter, fixtures, and household habits.
  • Provide homeowners with recommendations for how to reduce water consumption in their household.

As part of the program, Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group will also undertake riparian buffer zone improvement work to protect and enhance freshwater and aquatic habitats by planting native tree and shrub species.

To schedule your FREE in-home water audit or to find out more contact 
[email protected] or call (902) 367-3605.

For more info, read our
Media Release: Local Watershed Group and Town of Stratford Partner to Launch Water Audit Program.