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Town of Stratford's Commitment to Open Government 
The Town of Stratford is committed to providing residents and stakeholders access to any data that is produced by the Town, or for the benefit of the Town, as part of our Open Government Bylaw.


Why incorporate "sustainability" into the Town's planning and decision-making?
Sustainable Stratford – Results Matter was developed to ensure that the work carried out by staff and Council aligns with the Town’s sustainability vision, a long-term vision of the future based on social, environmental, economic, cultural, and governance dimensions of sustainability. Incorporating “sustainability” into the planning and decision-making system ensures the Town considers the broader impact of decisions and actions.


Results Matter Performance Management System
Driven by the Results Matter Strategic Performance Management Plan, this performance management system measures the Town’s performance, ensuring accountability to residents and stakeholders. Comprising of 15 high-level strategic objectives across four sustainability perspectives, the initiatives for each of these objectives, and their respective key performance indicators (KPIs), this plan tracks performance and progress across Town projects and initiatives. It is renewed every four years by Council to reflect their vision and residents’ priorities while providing high-level policy direction for the Town and forming the basis for staff’s work.


The Town is pleased to introduce its performance reporting platform, Results Matter. The website addition enables the Town to be transparent in reporting on these KPIs annually.


Data usage under the Open Government License
All data provided through the Open Government section and Results Matter website can be copied, modified, published, translated, adapted, distributed or otherwise used in any medium, mode or format for any lawful purpose. Data is to be used in accordance with the terms of the Government of Canada Open Government License.