Toilet Rebate Announced for Stratford Utility Customers

As part of our ongoing effort to build the best community possible, the Town of Stratford is committed to respecting the natural environment and conserving our valuable water resources for present and future generations. We are pleased to offer Stratford Utility customers the opportunity to participate in a toilet rebate program. The program is now available on a first come, first served basis.

What is the 4.8 toilet rebate?

The Town of Stratford is offering Utility Customers a rebate of $100 per toilet per eligible property as an incentive to replace older, less efficient toilets with new ultra low-flow models.

Who is eligible for this program?

To be eligible for the Stratford 4.8 Rebate you must:

  • own a residential unit within the Stratford municipality (houses, semis, duplexes, individual condos and townhouses) or
  •  own commercial building in the Town of Stratford
  • have a utility account with the town and be a customer in good standing
  • have a Town of Stratford water meter installed and
  •  be replacing an existing toilet (s) with a flush volume of 6L or above

How do I participate?

To take part in the program you will need to:

  • submit an application form
  • provide proof of property ownership or residency (proof can include a copy of your utility bill, driver’s license or household/business bill);
  • submit a copy of sales receipt of new, ultra low-flow toilet (s) and;
  • submit a copy of disposal receipt from Green Isle.

Application forms can be obtained in person at Stratford Town Centre Offices (234 Shakespeare Drive) or by printing the following: APPLICATION FORM

Please return all required documents including the completed, signed application form and other requirements listed above to the Town of Stratford, 234 Shakespeare Drive, Stratford, C1B 2V8.

How do I know what toilets are eligible?

Our eligibility criteria is simple:

  • 4.8L (dual flush toilets are eligible)
  • toilets must be 1000 MaP standard (please ask your local dealer, or click here to view more information on MaP)

If you are unsure what toilets meet the 4.8 rebate criteria, please ask a representative at a local retailer or contact us for clarification.

For more information please call 902-569-1995, email [email protected] or view our Frequently Asked Questions: Stratford Toilet Rebate Program FAQ