Media Release - Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary (August 13, 2020)
Posted on 08/13/2020
For Immediate Release: August 13, 2020

The following items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Stratford Town Council held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

First Reading Held for Rezoning on Aintree Drive

Council approved first reading for a rezoning request from Greenway Realty Inc. to rezone parcel number 399725, approx. 6.46 acres in total, from the Low Density Residential Zone (R1) to the Planned Unit Residential Development Zone (PURD) based on the willingness of the developer to adjust the proposed development scheme upon listening to comments received from the general public following a public meeting in July.

Reddin Meadows Rezoning Request

With a 4-2 vote, council voted to deny a rezoning request from Reddin Meadows for parcel numbers 1061175, 1061167 and 329011, (approx. 14.01 acres in total). The rezoning would have moved the properties from the Low Density Residential Zone (R1) to the Planned Unit Residential Development Zone (PURD). The rezoning was recommended to proceed by the Town’s Planning, Development and Heritage Committee following a public meeting in July and subsequent opportunity to receive written comments from residents.

Zoning and Development Bylaw #45C Minor Text Amendments

Minor text amendments are required to the Zoning and Development Bylaw #45 to correct an error within section 11.5.5(b) of the PURD Zone, minor amendments to the R2 and C2 sections, an insertion of a new section on fence heights in Section 8, and minor text amendments in the swimming pool section 8.14.1(a). These amendments were presented at a public meeting in July with no comments received by the deadline, and first reading was held during this month’s council meeting.

CHANGE Program Room Donation Approved

The CHANGE (Canadian Health Advanced by Nutrition and Graded Exercise) Program is a free 12 month lifestyle program UPEI is offering to people who are at risk for, or have Metabolic Syndrome. The program was created by Metabolic Syndrome Canada, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2011 to improve the long-term health of Canadians through effective diet and exercise lifestyle intervention with the program at UPEI funded by donors to the UPEI Community Outreach Fund. The request of the CHANGE organization of the Town to donate room rental space is in accordance with Section 5.7 of the Grants and Donation Bylaw stating Council may, by resolution, provide a fee rebate for a purpose that aligns with the town’s objectives. The total value of the room donation has been calculated as $2430.

Fire Company Lease

Approval of a lease agreement between the Town of Stratford and the Crossroads Rural Community Fire Company was granted. The lease agreement is for a 50 year period and outlines the cost sharing approach between the two parties.

Waterfront Parkland and Waterfront Core Area Planning RFP Awarded

Upland Planning and Design was awarded the contract to develop conceptual designs for the Town’s waterfront park and gateway, and to conduct a planning review of the waterfront core area zones. Four responses were received and reviewed with Upland Planning and Design’s proposal receiving the highest rating. The RFP’s were rated based on number of factors including company experience, proposed overall approach, public engagement process, cost, and other determining factors. The approved proposal total $74,870 plus HST.


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