Media Release: Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary (February 8, 2023)
Posted on 02/10/2023
Image of a hand writing with a pen 'media release'For Immediate Release: February 13, 2023

The following items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Stratford Town Council held on Wednesday, Feburary 8, 2023.

Procedural Bylaw Amendment

Second reading and adoption was held to make changes to the Procedural Bylaw, Bylaw #47, to amend the name of the Accountability and Engagement Committee to be known as the Intergovernmental Affairs and Accountability Committee as well as to update the Terms of Reference for this committee. The amendment also includes the removal of the Events Sub-Committee Terms of Reference and will see the work of this committee actively included in the Recreation, Culture and Events Committee.

Committee Member Appointments

Council approved by resolution the following committee member appointments:

Recreation, Culture and Events Committee
• Beth Grant
• Kyle Hann

Active Transportation Sub-Committee
• Denis Dunne
• Collette Gallant
• Michael Judson
• Shawn MacDougall
• Tim Rose

Arts and Culture Sub-Committee
• Randi Doyle
• Becca Griffin
• Christina MacLean
• Sandra McMillan
• Gary Schoenfeldt


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Printable Media Release: Media Release - Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary (February 13, 2023)
Agenda: February 8, 2023
Meeting Recording: February 8, 2023