Media Release: Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary (May 10, 2023)
Posted on 05/11/2023
Image of a hand writing with a pen 'media release'For Immediate Release: May 11, 2023

The following items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Stratford Town Council held on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

Lot Variance Approved

Council approved by resolution to permit a lot size variance to proposed lot 2023-2, a portion of parcel number 328583, located at 10 Barkley Avenue for the purpose of subdividing a semi-detached dwelling. This is for a lot size variance of 390 ft² (or 8.6%).

Travel and Meal Allowance Updated

A resolution was approved updating the policy, which hadn’t been updated since 2010, with the following increases approved:
• $10 per day for breakfast to $20 per day for breakfast
• $15 per day for lunch to $25 per day for lunch
• $25 per day for supper to $45.00 per day for supper
• Local travel to increase from $6.00/day flat fee to $8.00/day flat rate

Noise and Nuisance Bylaw Amendment

Second reading and adoption was approved for an amendment to the Town of Stratford’s Noise and Nuisance Bylaw, Bylaw #30, to reflect a change made to the Provincial Highway Traffic Act. The change to the Act allows municipalities having jurisdiction over sidewalks to allow children 12 and under to ride their bicycle on the sidewalk.

Community Campus Site Servicing

A resolution was approved in response to tender submissions for the site servicing on the Community Campus project which consists of the construction of the main road to span from Bunbury Road to Hollis Avenue, and a shorter section extending midway through the campus toward Mason Road for a future connection; sewer, water, and storm systems; underground electrical and lantern style light fixtures; and a 3-meter wide asphalt trail along the roads. The low bidder was Island Coastal Services Ltd. in the amount of $9,987,105.46.

Municipal Input to Future RCMP Contract Decisions

Council approved a resolution supporting the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in calling on the federal government to commit to ensuring that local governments are meaningfully consulted, fully informed, and at the table on issues related to policing costs given the municipal role in keeping our community safe. The Town also commits to convey this support in writing to local Members of Parliament.

Correspondence Policy

Required updates to the Town of Stratford’s Correspondence Policy were approved. The policy was established in 2003.


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