Media Release: April 12, 2023 Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary
Posted on 04/11/2023
Image of a table and words council meeting summary typed over itFor Immediate Release: April 12, 2023

The following items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Stratford Town Council held on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

Accessory Building Approved

Council approved by resolution an accessory building (a private detached garage) to be located within the front yard of a property located on parcel number 329565. As the layout of the lot is designed to maintain a view of the water, and there is a previous accessory building on the property in the front yard, it was felt that the request was reasonable and consistent with what is already established in the area.

Subdivision Request Approved

An application was approved to subdivide parcel number 328757 (approx. 43,560 sq. ft. in total area) into two single dwelling lots, with the new lot having access from Picton Beete Crescent and the existing lot with frontage on Keppoch Road.

Community Campus Subdivision Plan

The Town of Stratford’s request to subdivide parcel numbers 1137884 and 1137892 (69.96 Ha. or 172.90 Ac. in total area) into three lots within the Public Service Institutional Zone and five lots within the Industrial Zone (M1) located off Hollis Avenue, with a second access off the Bunbury Road, and a third connection to Mason Road planned for the future, to allow for the development of Community Campus was approved.

Street Name Approved

As an application for a third dwelling accessed by a private driveway was received, the Emergency 911 Act requires that once more than two civic addresses are accessed off the same driveway, that a private road must be created and named for emergency response situations. Approval of a recommended name for the private road was given which will be named Bornishstone Lane, after the property owners’ family place in Scotland.

Amendments to Zoning and Development Bylaw #45 Approved

Second reading and adoption of amendments to the Town of Stratford’s Zoning and Development Bylaw, Bylaw #45 was held. The required amendments create two new zone classifications in the Town’s core area, as well as permit a change in these zones only, to development approvals using form based code. These changes give the authority to approve applications which are in accordance with the established built form requirements outlined in the bylaw, to the Development Officer. This change will streamline the development application process for the core area of Stratford, while also maintaining stringent regulations that must be met for approval. As with any bylaw, Stratford Town Council has the authority to amend in the future as required. Further information can be found on a separate and more detailed media release issued by the Town of Stratford.

Council Remuneration Frequency Adjusted

Second reading and adoption was held of an amendment to the Town’s Council Remuneration Bylaw, Bylaw #36, to change the frequency of council remuneration from quarterly to monthly. This change does not reflect a change in the amount of renumeration.

Noise and Nuisance Bylaw Amendment

First reading was approved for an amendment to the Town of Stratford’s Noise and Nuisance Bylaw, Bylaw #30, to reflect a change made to the Provincial Highway Traffic Act. The change to the Act allows municipalities having jurisdiction over sidewalks to allow children 12 and under to ride their bicycle on the sidewalk. Second reading and adoption is expected at the May Town Council Meeting.

Application Receives Support of Council

An application by the Town of Stratford under the Municipal Strategic Component of the Canada Community Building Fund for $3,080,000 for phase two of sewage lift station upgrades was supported by resolution.

Sustainable Procurement Strategy and Action Plan

Approval and adoption of the Sustainable Procurement Strategy and Action Plan was held. The strategy lays out a framework, vision, goals, tactics, as well as an action plan, implementation timeline, and indicators of success, and aims to align the Town’s procurement practices with our corporate sustainability objectives and community values through the purchasing more sustainable goods and services from suppliers who are themselves more sustainable. The strategy will be implemented in stages over a number of years.


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