Media Release: Annual Resident Survey Results Released (June 28, 2022)
Posted on 06/28/2022
Image of a cliff scene in Stratford with words Annual Resident SurveyFor Immediate Release: June 28, 2022

Today the Town of Stratford released the results of its 11th Annual Resident Survey. Once again this year residents were asked their opinion on topics such as health and safety, energy savings activities, environmental stewardship, satisfaction with the Town, and their knowledge of the Town’s initiatives and programs. Like previous years, a series of questions were asked on specific topics of special interest to the Town of Stratford as one-time questions.

The first Annual Resident Survey took place in 2012 and the Town has used this mechanism each year since to receive feedback from residents and to watch for indications of change over time for those questions asked annually or bi-annually. The 2022 response rate remains strong with 1,013 survey responses being analyzed. Survey data was then weighted and adjusted to match the demographics for the Town of Stratford, based on the
2016 Census data for age and dwelling (owned or rented), except for the under-representation of the 15-24
year age range which could not be corrected. The survey accuracy (margin of error) was +/- 3.0%, 19 times
out of 20.

Special interest questions this year asked residents about food trucks, short-term rentals and preferences for sidewalks and multi-use trails. Residents responded with 91% in favour of the Town establishing regulations for food truck operations. A second question looking at preferences in permitted locations and hours of operation showed:
• 52% support for restricted hours of operation (with 20% selecting ‘Don’t know/No answer’)
• 56% supporting their operation in commercial areas (with 21% selecting ‘Don’t know/No answer’)
• 55% support allowing them to operate in community areas such as parks at any time (rather than just when special events were taking place)

Developing short-term rental regulations received 71% support in the survey and responses to the question asking residents for their active transportation preference found 32% had no preference to a multi-use path or sidewalk, 26% preferring a multi-use path and 24% preferring a sidewalk (18% already have one of these in their area).

“The Annual Resident Survey is a tool for Council and staff to hear from residents on a variety of topics,” commented Stratford Mayor Steve Ogden. “It provides a gauge for us on how we are performing as a Town, lets us know what preferences the community has for certain things and overall helps guide us in our workplans.”

Again this year, 97% of residents support the Town using resources to protect the environment. This response has been essentially unchanged every year that it has been asked, ranging from 95-98%.

“Knowing that residents place such a high importance on the environment helps us to create policy and direction for the Town that is consistent with this view,” added Mayor Ogden. “We recognize that our land in Stratford is not infinite and that having green space is not only good for the land and nature, but also good for our mental wellbeing too.”

The 2022 Annual Resident Survey showed the top 3 preferred sources for information about the Town as:
1. 48% - Stratford Town Talk printed newsletter
2. 47% - Social Media
3. 41% - Town’s website

In comparing this to historical data, in 2013 this same question returned the following results:
1. 68% - Stratford Town Talk printed newsletter
2. 47% - E-newsletter
3. 39% - Town’s Website
(8. 18% - Social Media)

“Having data like this allows us to recognize trends and changes,” added Mayor Ogden. “In this example we can see where past resources may have been able to focus on a smaller number of communication channels, we now have residents spread more evenly over a number of channels. This can be challenging to reach everyone where they want to be reached but it allows our staff to know this, and then make plans to try to meet residents where they are as often as we can with the variety of information we have to share.”

The full report and summary of this year and previous surveys can be found on the Town of Stratford website


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