Media Release: Kelly's Pond Watershed Restoration Update (June 21, 2022)
Posted on 06/21/2022
Image of a clipboard with the Town's logo and words 'Media Release' printed on itFor Immediate Release: June 21, 2022

The Town of Stratford is pleased to be ready to begin work in the Kelly’s Pond-Moore’s Pond watershed system. As announced earlier this year, the project will work to restore the integrity of the Kelly’s Pond-Moore’s Pond watershed which is currently compromised by undersized water control structures, sediment infilling, degraded wetlands, and inadequate buffer zones. Restoring this system will mitigate the effects of extreme weather events and climate change, including increased rainfall intensity, flooding, and erosion, in addition to providing a healthy habitat for local wildlife.

With permits now in place, the work to begin draining Moore’s Pond is beginning the week of June 20, 2022. The draining will take place slowly over a number of days followed by a period of time for the exposed sediment to dry before dredging will take place. The Town, through the project team leads, are working with the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the PEI Invasive Species Council to identify and remove invasive species from the area, and to replant with native species.

Additional work required to the water control structure in Kelly’s Pond and the discharge culvert running under Keppoch Road will be completed in 2023, so the work to drain and dredge Kelly’s Pond will be completed at that time.

Residents should not experience any delays while this initial work takes place in Moore’s Pond.

Funding for this project has been received in the amount of $254,088 through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program’s (ICIP) Green Infrastructure stream. The Federal contribution amount is $138,600 with the Provincial contribution being $115,488, and a total project cost of $362,250. ICIP is a joint Federal-Provincial fund that supports municipalities with infrastructure projects. The Green Infrastructure stream provides support for projects that address adaptation, resilience, and disaster mitigation.


For more information please contact:
Wendy Watts, Community & Business Engagement Manager
Town of Stratford
Phone: (902) 569-1995
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