Draft Bylaw - Tourism Accommodation Levy Bylaw
Posted on 10/13/2022
Image of the word draft in red appearing to have been stamped on the pageThe following bylaw is in council process at this time with adoption proposed for the regular monthly council meeting on November 9, 2022. This bylaw was reviewed and recommended by both the Finance and Technology Committee and the Sustainability Committee. 

Tourism Accommodation Levy Bylaw

This bylaw sets out to collect a levy on all accommodations, including tourist establishments that are booked through accommodation platforms, at the time of the purchase based on the total amount of the purchase price. Accommodations in the Town of Stratford would be required to remit to the Town at the prescribed times and in the prescribed manner set forth
in the bylaw the levy's collected. The proceeds raised by the levy shall be used to promote the Town as a tourist destination. 

View the draft bylaw: Stratford Tourism Accommodation Levy Bylaw 54 with Forms (DRAFT)

Residents can review the draft bylaw and submit questions or other feedback by 12 noon on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 to Kim O'Connell, Director of Finance and Technology, via telephone at 902-569-6258 or email at [email protected].