Building Bylaw #50 - Website Consultation
Posted on 12/04/2019
We want your Feedback

Building Bylaw #50 - Website Consultation

The changes to the Building Bylaw are mandatory under the enactment of the Provincial Building Codes Act and the adoption of the Building Codes Act Regulations, the 2015 National Building Code, and the 2015 National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings by the Government of PEI.

Town of Stratford is publishing the proposed Building Bylaw #50 as well as an accompanying Plain Language Guide to help residents understand the changes between the existing Bylaw and the newly proposed one. 

Residents are welcome to review the proposed Building Bylaw #50 and submit their feedback, comments, or questions to the Town's Building Inspector until January 1st, 2020.

Proposed Building Bylaw # 50

Plain Language Guide - (Building Bylaw Review).pdf

Please contact:

Carter Livingstone
Building Inspector
Email: [email protected]