Coyotes have become a regular part of our Island life. The Town of Stratford continues to receive reports from residents of sightings in a variety of areas within the Town but one of the most common reports is around the area of Fullerton's Creek Conservation Park, Reeves Estates and Clearview Estates. 

We remind residents that these are not unusual occurrences and with some precautions, coyotes should not to be feared. Most importantly, to note is that with all of these ongoing sighting, these coyotes have NOT shown any aggression towards humans.

The Province of PEI, through the Department of Forests, Fish and Wildlife would like to know when sightings occur in the Town of Stratford. Their staff monitor the locations of, and reported behaviour of, these coyotes to watch for changes. If you have a sighting to report please contact the provincial staff at (902) 368-4683.

Keep these tips in mind:

• Wildlife, including foxes and coyotes, are often fed inadvertently by leaving pet food outdoors, garbage unsecured and/or by allowing bird seed to accumulate on the ground under feeders. Wildlife who have access to food sources such as these commonly lose their fear of humans - this is never a good thing to have happen. Residents should NEVER feed, purposely or inadvertently, foxes and coyotes. 
• Small pets should not be left unattended or be permitted to roam freely, particularly in areas where these predators are likely to roam. 
• If you encounter a coyote, it is important to make your presence known every time. Make yourself large and intimidating by shouting/making a loud noise and waving your arms, and if necessary, throwing sticks or rocks in their general direction. By taking these actions, coyotes should maintain a healthy fear of humans and this will prevent them from becoming habituated to human presence. Coyotes are observant and, much like a dog, will watch and learn to adapt to their surroundings based on how we as humans interact around them. If we allow them to be too comfortable around us, they will become much more readily seen and less timid of us. 
• Walking in pairs/groups is encouraged and it can be comforting to walk with a walking stick. 
Never run away when you see a coyote as it may trigger a predatory response. Back away slowly, facing the animal and continue to act big by making noise and waving your arms to scare it away. If a coyote attacks, shout, throw rocks, and use whatever is available to defend yourself. 

Again, it is important to keep in mind that the coyotes around/in the Town of Stratford have shown no sign of aggressive behavior and that coyotes are being observed in various areas of Stratford. The Town reminds residents to report all sightings to the Province of PEI at (902) 368-4683 so that coyote behavior and locations can be tracked and monitored.

The Province of PEI's Coyote Management in PEI report is available through their website

If you have further questions or to report a sighting please contact the Province of PEI at (902) 368-4683. The Town of Stratford is not able to provide advice or to remove these animals from our community. We rely on our counterparts in the Province of PEI, who are the experts, to advise and support the Island community in this area. If you encounter a coyote within Town of Stratford limits and would like to let us know so that we can potentially advise the public generally with a safety reminder please email [email protected] with the details. 

Thank you to all residents for your diligence and cooperation in helping to ensure that coyotes, and other wildlife, remain cautious of us and don't become too comfortable around us.