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The Town of Stratford’s strategic performance management plan was developed by combining the balanced scorecard approach with the town’s sustainability vision. Objectives were identified from the perspective of residents and stakeholders, financial and environmental stewardship, internal processes, and organizational capacity, in order to improve all aspects of the town’s performance. Council then identified a number of initiatives to achieve the objectives, and the desired outcomes so that results can be measured because it is results that matter. Key Performance Indicators are currently being identified to measure and monitor performance.

Now it's time to hear from residents - how do these initiatives resonate with you? Do you feel the Town of Stratford is headed in the right direction with these to being the kind of community you want to live, work and play in?

Please send your feedback to To help us make this process be as beneficial as possible, please be specific when providing your comments. If you disagree with something you see try to tell us why or what you would prefer to see. Likewise if you agree with something, let us know what it is you like about it, how you see it benefiting the community or provide any knowledge you have about similar initiatives elsewhere.

If you have questions on the overall document, or specific areas of it, please also send us an email to the address above or call (902) 569-6251.

We look forward to hearing from our residents through this process. 

View the document: 
PDF: Results Matter Renewal 2019-2023 - Public Review Draft
Word: Results Matter Renewal 2019-2023 - Public Review Draft