Media Release: First Annual Business Community Survey Results Released (December 15, 2021)
Posted on 12/15/2021
Three Stratford images with text Annual Business Survey Results Report 2021For Immediate Release: December 15, 2021

Today the Town of Stratford released the results of its 1st survey of the local business community. Similar to the Annual Resident Survey held each winter, the business survey offered an opportunity to the local business community to have their say while providing feedback to Council and staff.

“As this was the first time we’ve had a survey of our business community,” said Stratford Mayor Steve Ogden, “we are really pleased with the response to it. Overall results show optimism and general satisfaction with the business climate in the Town of Stratford.”

The survey was designed to help Town staff and council learn more about key topics such as the local business environment; Town services, supports and programs; potential Town initiatives; engagement between the Town and local business community; and more.

Fifty responses were received for analysis. Some of the highlights include:
• 84% of respondents rate the Town of Stratford as an excellent or good place to do business with a follow-up question presenting respondents with a list of preselected options to rate Stratford as a place to do business in particular areas. The top 4 reasons Stratford makes a good place for business were Quality of Life, Town growth, Location and Population demographics.
• A list of potential new programming and supports targeted to the business community was presented with respondents asked to select which they would be interested in (more than one answer could be selected). The top three were cost-shared marketing opportunities with the Town, networking opportunities and general overall marketing of the local business community.
• A question regarding how, or if, the local business community could be supported or organized through some form of a business group drew a mix of responses with the overall response of having an independently organized group led by the local business community with regular participation by the Town receiving the most support. 6% indicated they were not interested and 2% selected the option of ‘not necessary for our community’ while there were 18% who selected Don’t know/No answer.

“Now that we have heard from the business community,” added Ogden, “we will take all of the results and look at what potential programs, adjustments or learnings we can make from them. The feedback gathered through these types of consultations are valuable to our planning process and give us a sense of what the overall feeling is.”

Other areas of note include:
• 36% of respondents planning to grow or expand their business in the next year, and a further 14% in three years time.
• 64% are very satisfied or satisfied with the Town’s overall performance.
• 70% believe the local economy has improved or stayed the same over the past year.
• 52% of respondents are aware of the Think Stratford! Campaign, a campaign implemented to encourage residents to spend their time money and time in Stratford when they shop, play and explore.

The full report can be found on the Town of Stratford website


For more information please contact:
Wendy Watts, Community & Business Engagement Manager
Phone: (902) 569-1995
Email: [email protected]

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