Draft Bylaws - June 12, 2019 Council Meeting
Posted on 06/05/2019
Image of the word DraftThe following bylaws will tabled at the regular monthly Council meeting being held on June 12 at 4:30 pm and for First Reading, and at a Special Council meeting being held on June 26 at 4:30 pm for Second Reading and Adoption. These bylaws are required to be enacted under the new Municipal Government Act.

Council Code of Conduct Bylaw

This bylaw sets minimum expectations for the behaviour of members of Council in carrying out their functions and making decisions that benefit the Town of Stratford. It provides guidance for Council members for general conduct, confidential information, disclosure of interests, gifts, municipal property, reimbursable expenses, election campaigns, business relations and relations with staff. It also sets out a process to be followed if there is a complaint about a breach of the code of conduct.

Bylaw 46 - Council Code of Conduct Bylaw, Final

Council Procedural Bylaw

This bylaw sets out the procedures to be followed by Council, Council Committees and staff for Council and Council Committee meetings. It applies to all members of Council, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), members of Council Committees, town employees, those who appear before Council and members of the general public. It establishes when and how meetings are scheduled and members of the public are notified, when meetings can be closed to the public, electronic participation in meetings, meeting procedures and agendas, quorums and voting, public presentations and delegations, conduct during meetings, points of privilege, motions and debate and bylaw adoption procedures. It also establishes the terms of reference and membership of Council Committees and subcommittees and continues the practice of the town to have 2 Council and 5 citizen members of Standing Committees to provide advice and recommendations to Council, and establishes the Stratford Utility Corporation as a separate legal entity that operates seamlessly within town operations.

Bylaw 47 - Council Procedural Bylaw - Final

Conflict of Interest Bylaw

This bylaw provides a definition of conflict of interest and the procedures for Council and Council Committee members to report a conflict of interest, a mechanism for complaints, and the sanctions that can be imposed by Council for a failure to disclose a conflict of interest.

Bylaw 48 - Council Conflict of Interest Bylaw - Final

If you have questions or suggestions about these proposed bylaws, please contact town Chief Administrative Officer Robert Hughes via telephone at 902-569-6251 or  email at rhughes@townofstratford.ca.