Community Art

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso

The Town of Stratford recognizes the value of celebrating and promoting arts and culture in the town. To enrich, engage, and inspire the community in a meaningful way, the Town has been commissioning and installing public art for everyone to enjoy.

Art can bring you happiness, inspire you to view the world differently or enhance your interactions and experiences with our natural world. If you have not seen these amazing pieces in person or wish to appreciate them all over again, we challenge you to a fun ‘treasure hunt’ that the whole family can enjoy. Hunt them down, and soak in the creativity!

Below is a list of all the community art that have either been donated to the Town or commissioned. To skip to a particular year, select the year you would like to access here:

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Frog installationLEAP
Artist/Designer: Gerald Beaulieu
Location: Pondside Park
Description: Leap pays tribute to the ecology and fauna associated with pond ecosystems. The installation is of one of the most ubiquitous pond side creatures, frogs, and their place in childhood fantasy narratives. Through the use of leaping art, the artist wanted to frame them as dynamic amphibians that bridge the aquatic and terrestrial worlds, and have them engaging playfully with the audience.

The structure of the two frogs is from laminated pressure treated wood that was carved into the amphibian shapes. The skin of the frogs is from hammered copper. The base of the structure includes blown glass embedded to resemble air bubbles that form from movement in a pond.


Artist/Designer: Ryan McAdam Young
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road)
Description: This beautiful installation represents these colourful insects that are abundant in Cotton Park during summertime. This public art is also a fabulous photo prop for residents to get their photos taken with the wings!

Wooden shed overlooking the riverLILLIAN'S PLACE
: Alexis Bulman
Location: Stratford Waterfront Park
Description: In the form of a small wooden house, Lillian's Place is situated on the embankment along Hillsborough River. This artwork will co-exist with a living shoreline and aim to have visitors reflect on the effects of climate change on the littoral as the structure experiences the fullness of each season. This well-thought out artwork took inspiration from a resident of Victoria by the Sea who lived in a cedar clad house beside a broken sea wall. 
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Artist/Designer: Kirstie McCallum
Location: Tea Hill Park
Description: The work consists of 12 baskets, filled with local flower seeds and bulbs mixed with soil, seaweed, and compost, installed in the pattern of circular clock-face. A sapling planted in the circle will represent the centre of a sundial. Over time, the baskets will break open and disperse across the site, attracting pollinators to the area. This piece also speaks to the urgency around climate adaptation and draws a metaphor from clock time to cyclical time, beginning with the rigidity of human daily grind to the slower cycle of the growing season. 
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Artist/Designer: Gerald Beaulieu
Location: Fullerton's Creek Conservation Park (MacIntosh Drive, Reeve's Estates)
Description: This beautiful sculpture was designed and created by the artist to honour the natural wildlife present at Fullerton’s Creek Conservation Park. This piece was created using copper, steel, and wood. The whole sculpture, including the giant cattail, weighs about 800 pounds!

CANADA 150 MOSAICCanada 150 Mosaic
Artist/Designer: Lewis Lavoie
Location: Stratford Town Centre (when you walk up the stairs to the gym and fitness area)
Description: This piece was created by the residents of Stratford to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Canada. Each tile was hand painted by members of the community to create this historic and permanent public art. Former Mayor, David Dunphy, unveiled this intricate piece of artwork.

*The coffee table book “Mural Mosaic’s Canada Train” showcasing all the Canada 150 mosaics across Canada is available for public viewing at the Town Centre main reception.
**Prints of the Stratford Mosaic are available to purchase at the Town Centre while supplies last.

Artist/Designer: Terry Dunton Stevenson & Lionel Stevenson
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road)
Description: The artists were influenced by artist Rene Magritte's surrealist painting entitled "The Human Condition" in creating this piece. It has been constructed from metal into a life size 3D piece that looks like an easel with a frame for a canvas. Where the canvas would normally be, the area remains open creating a view of nature around it. A pot of metal brushes attached further adds to the illusion that it is a landscape painted on the easel. The viewer interacts with this piece by rotating the easel and changing the view.

RACCOON IN A WILLOW DENRaccoon in a Willow Den
Artist/Designer: Kate Sharpley, Tiffany Baxter & Gweneth Branch Rice
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road)
Description: The artists created an art piece with a focal point that is playful and interactive, targeting the younger park user and animal lovers alike. It is constructed from layers of living willow branches rooted into the ground and tied to form a den structure while inside the den is a life-size model of a raccoon. As the structure of the den is living, it continues to change throughout the year with each season.

Artist/Designer: Terry Dunton Stevenson & Lionel Stevenson
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road)
Description: The artists created a box which allows the viewer to look into one of the four sides and see mirrored reflections of the box's natural surroundings. The four sides have tempered glass windows in shapes related to nature which reflects various surrounding objects from nature on the mirrors inside. This piece also rotates for the user to change the view.

Artist/Designer: Leona MacIntosh
Location: Stratford Town Centre (front foyer hallway outside the interior entrance to the School Board)
Description: Acrylic on canvas - the artist was inspired by these beautiful spring flowers emerging after a long winter


Artist/Designer: Ahmon Katz
Location: Kinlock Park (61, Bonavista Ave)
Description: This eye-catching artwork was created using steel, copper, and plexiglass. The art installation is also an acoustic instrument.

LOOKING FOR OBERONLooking for Oberon
Artist/Designer: Carl Phillis
Location: Stratford Town Centre (on the front lawn at 234, Shakespeare Drive)
Description: This creation was made using re-claimed metal as well as other materials that were collected by the artist over the years. The fox eyes were created using antique glass doorknobs. Carl Phillis was a master welder as well as a master potter.
Oberon is a king of the fairies in Medieval and Renaissance literature. He is best known as a character in William Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which he is King of the Fairies and spouse of Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

Artist/Designer: Terry Dunton Stevenson
Location: Cotton Park (57, Bunbury Road) Description: This work was created using re-claimed metal and portrays a fox being chased by a little dog. Or is the fox teasing the little dog? You decide...

Stratford Heritage Homes (wide) STRATFORD HERITAGE HOMESHeritage Homes
Artist/Designer: Florence Cleroux
Location: Stratford Town Centre (hallway between the recreation centre and front foyer)
Description: The hand-dyed wool hooked rugs depict Stratford's Heritage Homes. The artist carefully researched and hand-dyed each colour to match the original exterior of each heritage home.

Artist/Designer: John Cox
Location: Town of Stratford (main reception area)
Description: Oil on linen. The painting depicts a beloved guitar stilled owned by the artist. This piece was purchased by the Town after it was created during an annual National Culture Days event.


Artist/Designer: Ayelet Stewart
Location: Town of Stratford (front of main foyer)
Description: Enameled copper was used to create this work. Each piece is unique and celebrates the diversity of life of the Atlantic Ocean.

Artist/Designer: Stephen Thompson
Location: Town of Stratford (main level office hallway)
Description: This work is a collage of Stratford’s landscapes and celebrated moments that were captured on photography by the artist.

Artist/Designer: Henry Purdy
Location: Stratford Town Centre (in the main reception area)
Description: Acrylic on canvas.
A portion of the art piece was painted in the Recreation Reception area during a community event. A few residents contributed to the portions of the painting with the help and encouragement of the artist. The Town held a naming contest for this art piece. Dr. Marie O’Hanley entered the chosen name of “Tide Watch”.
Purdy (b. 1937), born in Nova Scotia, is a professional visual artist who has been working on Prince Edward Island for more than 50 years. He was elected into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1978. He was awarded the Royal Society of Arts Medal in 1981 for his contribution to the Fine Arts in the Atlantic region.

Artist/Designer: Barry Jeeves
Location: Town of Stratford front (main foyer)
Description: Acrylic on Masonite board. Joan was the artist’s spouse who received credit for the beautiful fall flower arrangement of Cosmos, Chinese Lanterns, and Marigolds.
Barry Jeeves was also a master potter and taught pottery at the former Holland College School of Visual Arts and Crafts.

Artist/Designer: Cheryl Livingston
Location: Not currently on display.
Description: This woven art was created using 100% cotton for the warp and 50% silk and 50% wool for the weft.
*Note: warp and weft are the two components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric. The longitudinal yarn is called the warp while the transverse weft is drawn through and inserted over and under the warp.


Artist/Designer: Marcela Rosemberg
Location: On loan to the Stratford Public Library (25, Hopeton Road)
Description: Fused glass depicting iconic symbols of Stratford, Prince Edward Island.


Artist/Designer: Susan Evans
Location: Town of Stratford (main reception area)
Description: Hand dyed wool hooked rug.


Artist/Designer: Christine Trainor
Location: Stratford Town Centre (front main foyer)
Description: This artwork was created using oil on linen. It was gifted from the Mayflower Seniors Club and the Stratford Youth Centre to the Town of Stratford in recognition of the Town’s 10th Anniversary.


Artist/Designer: Levi Cannon
Location: Stratford Town Centre (foyer wall and ceiling)
Description: This work was created using cardboard and paper individually pieced to create the feathers. The Eagles are life size and leave you in awe of their majestic size. The Bald Eagle (Kitpu/Gitpoo) is one of the most important and sacred animals for Mi'kmaq people, and many other Indigenous nations in North America. The Eagle symbolizes the messenger who carries our prayers to the Creator, because they fly highest in the sky.

Artist/Designer: P.E. Dutton
Location: Stratford Town Centre Bunbury Room
Description: Acrylic on canvas. A melancholy piece portraying the wonder and strength of PEI’s delicate cliffs under winter’s harsh conditions. This piece was donated by Ann Dutton the wife of P.E. Dutton, the artist.


Artist/Designer: John Cox
Location: Stratford Town Centre (front foyer)
Description: This piece was created using oil on linen. A commanding, colourful piece celebrating the beauty and colour of nature.