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The Town of Stratford has 5 EV Charging Stations across town. They are located at:

  • 3 stations at Stratford Town Centre (ChargePoint units)
  • 1 station at Stratford Emergency Services Centre (ChargePoint unit)
  • 1 station at Shepard Drive (Sun Country unit)

The cost to use ChargePoint units are $2.50 per hour. (*users are charged for every hour the vehicle is connected to the charger)

The Sun Country unit is an older model and is currently free of charge. It will be changed to a 'pay as you go' station in the coming months. 

ChargePoint Accounts
Each of these stations (aside from the one at Shepard Drive) uses a ChargePoint account and drivers are identified through their ChargePoint accounts. Creating a ChargePoint account is free. As a user, you will be asked to provide credit card information to fund your ChargePoint account. However, your credit card information will not be stored in the system. For your convenience, your ChargePoint account can be accessed by downloading a mobile app to your smartphone device. 

ChargePoint and Flo Charging Networks are interchangeable. This means that users with a Flo account can use their Flo card on the ChargePoint chargers and similarly, ChargePoint accounts can also be used on Flo chargers.

To download the ChargePoint mobile app, please select the below:
Apple (IOS) App
Android App

How your ChargePoint account works
Your session fees will automatically be deducted from your ChargePoint account balance. If your account balance falls short of your session fees, the remaining balance will be charged to your credit card to top up your account. ChargePoint account holders will have access to detailed transaction records to verify and monitor their account activity. 

Payment Options

  • Credit Card: Drivers may use a contactless credit card or call the toll-free number clearly displayed on every station 24/7 to authorize charging. EV drivers will be able to pay via a credit card without having a ChargePoint account or the mobile app.
  • Apple Pay and Google 'Tap to Pay': ChargePoint stations are compatible with Apple and Android phones through Google Pay and Apple Pay, allowing drivers to pay by tapping their phones at the station as if they were using a contactless credit card.
  • ChargePoint Account and RFID Card: Upon opening their ChargePoint accounts, drivers can also sign up to receive a free ChargePoint card. This card will be synced to the driver's credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay as a funding source.
  • ChargePoint Mobile App: EV drivers can start and stop charging with just one tap from the mobile ChargePoint app. This app is also synced to the driver’s ChargePoint account.
  • Smartphone and Smartwatch 'Tap to Charge': ChargePoint drivers can use the NFC capabilities of their Android or Apple smartphone or smartwatch and tap at the station in lieu of using an RFID card.
  • Roaming between Networks: ChargePoint registered drivers can utilize the ChargePoint app to initiate a charging session on any implemented roaming partner charging network, and
    conversely can utilize a roaming network’s account to activate a station on the ChargePoint Network.

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