We are excited to offer e-billing to our residents beginning with your next quarterly bill! But to do so, you must register in advance using a unique key code located on your April 2020 utility bill. 

Signing up for this service now will allow you to receive your utility bills electronically and provide you with a historical overview of all your transactions with the Town. You will also be able to view your receipts online from your e-billing account. And we will be rolling out further online services in the months ahead. 

Residents will have the option to make online credit card payments beginning in July 2020 through this new online portal as well. 

We look forward to having many of our residents registered for e-billing saving time and money on preparing and mailing paper bills. Thank you for signing up! 

Registration Process
To register for e-billing, you are required to signup for the service on your own (Please not that Town staff do not have access to do so on your behalf). To complete this process, you will need to locate the unique key code on your April 2020 utility bill. It can be found around the middle of the bill on the right hand side under the 'Message' section. For help with locating the key code on your bill click for an image of a sample bill: Sample Utility Bill

Click the 'Ready to Sign Up' link when you have your key code and are ready to go through the steps.

Ready to Sign Up!

Need some help? To make it easier we've created a step by step sign up guide to help you navigate the sign up process. Find it here: Stratford E-Billing Sign Up Guide for Residents

If you run into any issues please contact us at (902) 569-1995 or for assistance.

Thanks Stratford!