Send us your Stratford Budget Suggestions

Image of word budget, light bulb and screwsEngaging residents and stakeholders in the decision-making process is an important part of our effort to build the best community possible. As we develop our 2023-24 budget we want to know your opinions on our spending priorities. Please let us know where you believe we need to spend more, or less, of your tax dollars, and make any requests for spending in other areas or on specific projects. Stratford Town Council and staff will begin working over the coming weeks to prepare the 2023-24 budget and your requests/priorities should be received no later than January 11, 2023.  

We will be presenting a draft budget at a public meeting in late February or early March, where we will receive comments on and take questions from the public. Please watch for more information. 

In advance of the draft budget presentation please send your budget request details, and the estimated expense of the request, to Kim O'Connell at: [email protected] before 3pm on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 or use our online form found here.

Please select the link to view the 2022-23 Town of Stratford Budget or see below for an outline of budget expenditures. You may also review the 2022-23 Budget Highlights.

Image of file folders with text budget on one

The following is a list of services that the Town currently provides:

• public transit - $240,000
• sustainability - $82,000
• police protection (via a contract with the RCMP)- $1,000,000
• fire protection (via a contract with the Cross Roads Rural Community Fire Company)- $713,500
• street lighting - $250,400
• animal control (via a contract with the P.E.I. Humane Society)- $34,000
• sidewalks and trails - $2,175,000 fully funded by gas tax money and Active Transportation funding
• municipal water supply and distribution - $1,078,000
• municipal sewer collection and treatment - $1,530,000
• beautification - $25,000
• unsightly property and nuisance regulation - $10,000
• recreation and wellness programs - $43,000
• cultural programs - $39,000
• special events - $39,000
• parks, sport fields and playgrounds - $100,000
• heritage protection and preservation - $5,000
• Waterfront Park - $925,000 fully funded by gas tax money
• Community Campus Phase 1 - $15,200,000 applied for Investing in Canada funding
• wages and benefits for the town and utility- $2,629,000
• technology - $117,500
• debt repayment for town - $1,100,000
• debt repayment for utility - $820,000

The Town of Stratford thanks you for your input through the 2023-24 budget process. All 2023-24 budget suggestions will be reviewed and selected based on their compatibility with the Results Matter initiatives for the Town of Stratford, and funds available to complete. For more information on these initiatives please view the latest renewal of the Results Matter Strategic Performance Plan.