The Planning, Development and Heritage Department’s mandate includes land use planning, development and heritage. The Planning Development and Heritage Department is responsible for administering our Official Plan, Zoning and Development Bylaw #45 and Building Bylaw #50.

The Official Plan and Development Bylaw must be consistent with relevant provincial policies and legislation:

Town Planning

The Town’s Policy Framework is the overarching guide for development in the Town. The Official Plan contains the policies directing how development will occur and will shape the Towns growth. The Plan provides the foundation for the Zoning and Development Bylaw and the direction for Council’s decision-making. Click here for the Town of Stratford Zoning Map.

Development Permits

A Development Permit is written authorization granted by the Town to a person(s) to carry out a specific development in compliance with the Zoning and Development Bylaw #45 and, if applicable, the Building Bylaw.

In May of 2024, the Town of Stratford adopted the 2020 National Building Code and 2020 Energy Code. Please use our summary document to assist you with understanding the changes: 2020 Codes - Quick Fact Sheet

Any person wishing to commence development within the Town of Stratford should first contact the Planning, Development and Heritage Department to see whether or not a permit is required. Please contact us at (902) 569-6255 or email [email protected].

For required Single Family Dwelling, accessory building, deck and Semi-Detached Dwellings (up to 2 units) inspections, please contact:
Sam Chace, Building Official
P: 902-370-6710
E: [email protected]

For required Commercial, Industrial, Apartment Building, or Townhouse (3 units or more) inspections, please contact:
Rudi Saarloos, Island Wide Inspection Services
P: 902-394-6735
E: [email protected]

Development Application Review Process

If a permit is required, a person(s) can submit an application to the Planning, Development and Heritage Department including any supporting documentation and fees required for the specific type of development. The Planning, Development and Heritage Department will review the information to ensure it meets all applicable bylaws, conduct a site inspection, calculate the permit fees and finally, if everything is in order, issue the permit.

Any new application for development shall require the following documentation:

  • Development Permit Application Form
  • Full Set of Building Plans, including Floor Plans, Elevations, Building Cross-Section, & Foundation Plans
  • Final Truss Package, including individual shop drawings & truss layout
  • Completed Deck Pamphlet (if applicable)
  • Site/Drainage Plan prepared by a certified surveyor (see note below for requirements)
  • Utility Application
  • Deposit ($100.00)
  • Entranceway Application
  • Applicant Authorization (if applicable - see below)
  • See fee schedule for applicable development permit fees 

NOTE: If the person making an application for development is not the property owner they must submit an Applicant Authorization Letter, in which the property owner identifies the authorized agent whom shall represent them on their behalf.

The Planning, Development and Heritage Department requires a drainage plan to be submitted for all new developments. This drainage plan should be developed by a surveyor, engineer, or other qualified person. It should indicate the existing grade of the property, the elevation of the tops of foundations of adjacent structures, the ditch, the street, and the proposed top of elevation of the proposed development as well as the proposed flow of run-off once construction is complete.

To ensure that your permit is ready in time for your project start date please submit your complete application as early as possible allowing ample time, especially during the busier seasons.


Before commencing work on a deck project you must make a development permit application to the Planning, Development and Heritage Department. Applications are only accepted once all required documentation is submitted and the deposit is paid.

Required Documents include:

  • Application Form.
  • Letter of Authorization (if applicant is not the landowner)
  • Site Plan, drawn to scale indicating:
    • Lot dimensions;
    • Dimensions of all existing and proposed buildings and structures on the lot;
    • Setbacks of all existing and proposed buildings and structures;
  • Deck Pamphlet or Building plans, drawn to scale, indicating:
    • Dimensions of structure;
    • Spacing and size of all structural members (joists, beams, posts, footings, etc.).
  • Application fee: $100.00

Development Permits are only issued if they meet the requirements of the Town’s Bylaws and the when all applicable fees are paid in full. The permits are valid for a 12 month period.

All application forms are available for download on the Town of Stratford website or can be picked up in person at the Planning Department, located in the Town Hall. Please feel free to contact the Planning Department should you have any questions.

Decisions made under the Planning Act, including applications for development, have the right to appeal the decision through the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission.