The Town of Stratford opened the Stratford Skatepark in 2018. The park is located on the Stratford Town Centre property at 234 Shakespeare Drive and is a multi-use skatepark with features for Skateboard Personskateboarding, in-line skating, and BMX biking. Skateboarding provides a low cost opportunity for young people to explore unstructured recreational activity.

Please view our Rules & Guidelines for Use

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact:

Jeremy Pierce, Director of Recreation
Town of Stratford
T: (902) 367-4288
E: [email protected]

Stratford Skatepark Rules and Guidelines

The Stratford Skatepark is an UNSUPERVISED park. Serious injuries can result from falls and collisions. Know your abilities! USE OF THIS FACILITY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  • The Skatepark is open each day between 8am and dusk.
  • Safety helmets and the use of other protective equipment (elbow pads, knee pads, wrist protection, etc.) is highly recommended.
  • Skatepark usage is recommended for skateboards, in-line skates, scooters and freestyle bikes.
  • Be respectful of others – no loud music, offensive language or conduct. Be friendly and welcoming to all users of the park.
  • Be aware of other Skatepark users and act in a safe manner. Respect the age, size and skill level of other users.
  • It is strongly recommended that children under 12 years of age are directly supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Tobacco and vape products, alcohol, drugs and drug
    paraphernalia are all strictly prohibited on the Skatepark and Town Centre property.
  • Clean up after yourself. Please use the supplied garbage cans.
    No gum, food or drinks on the Skatepark surface. Absolutely no glass or breakable containers are permitted around the Skatepark.
  • Pets are not permitted on the Skatepark surface.
  • No unauthorized ramps or obstacles are permitted in the Skatepark.
  • Do your part to help ensure our Skatepark remains safe and clean. Please immediately report any vandalism to the Town of Stratford or the RCMP.

This is your community Skatepark. Please take care of it and be respectful! 

For more information or to report unsafe park conditions, please contact the Town of Stratford at (902) 569-1995. The Town of Stratford reserves the right to change operational guidelines at any time.