As of March 1, 2024*:
Bunbury Rink is CLOSED for the 2024 season.                Image of two young skaters
Pondside Park Rinks are both CLOSED for the 2024 season.

 *Please note that the website may not always be updated in a timely manner. Any closure posted at one of our rinks will override any information posted online. Consistent temperatures of -10º are ideal to build and maintain our outdoor rinks. This page will be updated as needed throughout the winter 2024 season. Thank you for your understanding.

For the 2024 season
Bunbury Outdoor Rink (Hockey, Ringette & Skating - shared ice surface by all users at all times)
Pondside Park Tennis Courts (Skating only)
Pondside Multi-Use Courts (Hockey and Ringette)

Town of Stratford Outdoor Rink Rules: 
1. Use of the outdoor skating rinks is at your own risk. Use caution when skating and have consideration of others. This surface is a natural ice surface and can become rough or uneven due to weather and precipitation changes. Please stay off the ice during warm weather.
2. Helmets are required for all skaters and protective gear is highly recommended.
3. No supervision is provided. Parents are responsible for their children.
4. When present, the Rink Attendant has the authority to refuse rink
use to anyone who engages in disruptive or dangerous behavior.
5. Please use garbage receptacles to keep the area clean.
6. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited at all times.
7. Rinks are closed from 10:00pm to 6:00am daily.
8. In case of an Emergency, call 911.

Rink Locations:

Bunbury Outdoor Rink is located north of Cotton Park just off the Bunbury Road, on the walking trail between Mason Road and Cotton Park.

Image of map showing where Bunbury Outdoor Rink is located

Pondside Park Rinks are located off of Keppoch Road in Pondside Park. The multi purpose court rink is for hockey/ringette while the rink located on the tennis courts is for skating only (no hockey).

Image of map showing where Pondside Park Outdoor Rink is located