Media Release: Stratford Town Council Meeting Summary (November 15, 2019)
Posted on 11/15/2019
Image of Reddin Medows proposed developmentMedia Release: November 13, 2019 Council Meeting Summary

For Immediate Release: November 15, 2019

The following items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Stratford Town Council.

Transit Fleet Renewal

Council approved a resolution to contribute its portion of 15% to the purchase of the necessary transit buses required to replace the aging fleet. The total approved budget for this purchase is $4,554,000 through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), with the Federal government covering 40% of the costs; the Provincial government covering 33.33% of the costs and the Municipal governments covering 26.67%. The Municipal share is split between Charlottetown (75%); Stratford (15%); and Cornwall (10%). The Town of Stratford’s total contribution for this project is $174,261 which will be spread over two fiscal years (2020-2021 and 2021-2022).
ImageCATCC Transit Fleet Renewal

Portion of Town Land Approved for Sale in Picton Beete Subdivision

A portion of parcel number 996595, owned by the Town of Stratford, was approved for sale by resolution. The sale will enable a neighbouring property to be subdivided. The land will be sold at fair market value based on an appraisal and applicants will be required to pay all legal, survey and appraisal costs associated with the transaction. The sale was recommended by the Town’s Recreation, Culture & Events Committee upon their review as the property is not suitable in size, shape or location for a neighbourhood park.
ImagePicton Beete - Request for Decision 

Grants and Donation Bylaw Revised Schedule

A resolution was approved to amend the fee schedule within the Grants and Donations Bylaw, Bylaw #38, to amend the Grant Program schedule under section 5.2 to include Charlottetown Rural Graduation Prizes in the amount of $600.

Tax Rate Group Bylaw Amendment

Council held second reading and adoption of an amendment to the Tax Rate Group Bylaw, Bylaw #37, which will allow Council to add additional tax rate groups commonly used by other municipalities to generate additional tax revenue.

Commercial Development Approved

A commercial development proposed for 171 Shakespeare Drive was approved. The 23,940 sq. ft. building is located within the Town Centre Core Area (TCCA) and will be required to be designed in accordance with the design standards for this zone.
Image171 Shakespeare Drive Renderings and Elevations

Public Meeting Scheduled

Council passed a resolution scheduling a public meeting on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 7:00pm to receive comments on a rezoning application from Reddin Meadows. The application is to rezone parcel numbers 1061175, 1061167 and 329011 (approx. 14.01 acres) from the Low Density Residential Zone (R1) to the Planned Unit Residential Development Zone (PURD).
ImageReddin Meadows Project

Appointment of CADC Board Member

Michael Fleischmann, a member of the Town’s Sustainability Committee, has been appointed as the Town of Stratford’s representative on the CADC Board through until the next annual meeting is held.

Water Fill Station Approved

Funding of $1500 was approved for Birchwood Intermediate School to install a water fill station replacing aging water fountain infrastructure in the school.

Enforcement and Summary Proceedings Bylaw

The new Municipal Government Act enables an expanded list of bylaw infractions to be dealt with through the issuance of a summary offence ticket under the:
- Noise and Nuisance Bylaw (Bylaw # 30)
- Dangerous and Unsightly Premises Bylaw, (Bylaw # 22)
- Animal Control Bylaw (Bylaw # 26)
- Smoke Free Bylaw (Bylaw # 42)
- Zoning and Development Bylaw (Bylaw # 45)
- Building Bylaw (Bylaw # 32)
- Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw (Bylaw # 35)

The Act also contains additional provisions governing the appointment and duties of enforcement officers. Council approved first reading of a resolution to replace replaces the existing Summary Proceedings Bylaw, Bylaw # 34, with the Enforcement and Summary Proceedings Bylaw, Bylaw #49.
BylawBylaw 49 - Enforcement and Summary Proceedings Bylaw


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