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Town of Stratford
234 Shakespeare Drive
Stratford, PE  C1B 2V8
T: 902-569-1995
F: 902-569-5000

Stratford Park Playground Border Install

1. Scope of Services

The Town of Stratford is seeking quotations from qualified contractors to construct and install 6” X 6” pressure treated borders surrounding the perimeter of designated playground structures within Stratford neighborhood and community parks.

There will be a pre-tender site meeting held Tuesday, August 13th at 10:30 a.m. at Zakem Park (Zakem Heights & Ferguson Avenue) for an opportunity to become familiar with the scope of work and have any questions answered.

2. Construction Specifications

The following parks and playground apparatuses have been designated as part of this project:

Clearview Park Brookside Dr., Stratford, PE

200 linear feet of border

  •  200 li. ft. – playground & swing


Emmalee Park Picton Beete Cr., Stratford, PE

220 linear feet of border

  • 130 li. ft. – playground
  • 80 li. ft. – swing set


Horton Park Bunbury Rd., Stratford, PE

230 linear feet of border

  • 230 li. ft. – playground & swing


Keppoch Park Keppoch Rd., Stratford, PE

595 linear feet of border

  • 145 li. ft. – playground
  • 90 li. ft. – baby swing set
  • 110 li. ft. – 4 bay swing set
  • 170 li. ft. – tire swing & 3 independents
  • 80 li. ft. – climbing wall


Kinlock Park Bonavista Dr., Stratford, PE

245 linear feet of border

  • 165 li. ft. – playground
  • 80 li. ft. – swing set


Reeves Park Dewar Dr., Stratford, PE

250 linear feet of border

  • 250 li. ft. – 2 playground apparatuses


Starling Park Starling Cr., Stratford, PE

285 linear feet of border

  • 135 li. ft. - playground
  • 100 li. ft. – swing set
  • 50 li. ft. – independent play piece



2025 total linear feet of 6” X 6” pressure treated playground apparatus border.


All playground borders will be anchored with ½” rebar to a minimum of 2’ into the ground to prevent heaving, and risk of injury to park guests. All rebar should be spaced at 2 per 8-10 foot length of 6” x 6”.

Each 6” X 6” shall be wrapped in landscaping fabric.

A 2” X 6” pressure treated board shall be placed on the top surface of the 6” X 6” to act as a cap and act as bracing between each 6” X 6”.

Playground borders should be embedded between existing playground safety surface and new topsoil.

All playground borders shall be square or rectangular in shape with 90 degree corners.

Reinstatement of all disturbed areas shall be part of the contract, 4” of topsoil and seed

where required. Watering will be completed by the Town.

Submitted price shall include all materials, construction and labour costs associated with the completion of the project to the satisfaction of the Town.

**All work is to be complete by November 15, 2019.

3. Right of Rejection and Clarification:

The Town of Stratford reserves the right to reject any and all quotations and to request clarification of information from any Contractor. The Town of Stratford is not obligated to enter into a contract on the basis of any quotation submitted in response to this document. The Town of Stratford advises that due to budgetary restraints the scope of the project may have to be diminished in total cost in order to meet available funding.

4. Insurance Requirements:

The Contractor shall secure and maintain a minimum of $3,000,000 Commercial General Liability Insurance and a minimum $3,000,000 Automobile Liability Insurance on all vehicles owned, leased, operated or licensed in the name of the Contractor, and add as an additional insured the Town of Stratford. The Contractor shall provide to the Town of Stratford 30 days’ notice of any material change or policy cancellation. The Contractor shall provide the Town of Stratford with a Certificate of Insurance complying with these requirements upon notification of award and prior to commencement of construction.

5. Quotation Submission

Quotations will be received up to 1:00 pm on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 in person at:

Town of Stratford
234 Shakespeare Drive
Stratford, PE C1B 2H7

Attention: Jeremy Pierce, Director of Recreation, Culture and Events

Or via email to

6. Additional Information

Questions or requests for further information shall be addressed to:

Jeremy Pierce, Director of Recreation, Culture and Events

Phone (902) 367-4288 or email:


I have read and understand the requirements of this request for quotation (RFQ) and agree to provide the required services as described herein. The quotation fee shall include all labor, material and equipment necessary to provide the services as outlined. The fixed lump sum fee for providing the required service is:

Playground Border Clearview Park $ ___________________

Playground Border Emmalee Park $ ___________________

Playground Border Horton Park $ ___________________

Playground Border Keppoch Park $ ___________________

Playground Border Kinlock Park $ ___________________

Playground Border Reeves Park $ ___________________

Playground Border Starling Park $ ___________________

SUBTOTAL $ ___________________

HST (15%) $ ___________________

TOTAL $ ___________________


CONTRACTOR: ______________________________________

BY: ______________________________________


NAME (PRINT): ______________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________Postal Code: __________

TELEPHONE: (____)_____________________