The role of the Heritage Sub-committee is:

  • to recommend an overall heritage strategy which will recognize the importance of heritage conservation and preservation;
  • to identify and promote the heritage of the Town;
  • to encourage the conservation, protection, rehabilitation, and on-going use of buildings, streetscapes, and areas of historic, architectural or cultural value;
  • to facilitate the gathering of a heritage inventory to comprise all heritage items (buildings and structures, natural features, intellectual properties and artifacts.);
  • to promote the establishment of a heritage museum to provide the appropriate setting to display heritage items and for educating the public on our history; 
  • to coordinate discussions with heritage professionals and interested residents and groups
    to establish a network interaction for data collection and for project support and guidance; 
  • to provide advice on the development of policies and the formulation of standards for heritage conservation and preservation; and 
  • to continue in the role as an advisory body to the Planning and Heritage Committee

Sub-committee members:

  • Elaine Gaudet
  • Robin Hewitt
  • Doug Kelly
  • Natalie Munn
  • Jaklyn Panting

    *Summary of projects 2006-2018:
    *Many past committee members have contributed and are to thank for these projects as well as past and current Council Members, staff and community members.