The role of the Sustainability Committee is:

  • to ensure that the town’s sustainability vision and values are applied throughout the organization and to oversee the development and implementation of a sustainability decision making framework;
  • to oversee the town’s efforts to build a stronger local economy including liaising with and supporting local businesses and promoting the town;
  • to oversee the town’s efforts to improve the natural environment including increasing resource efficiency, reducing natural area degradation and improving town and resident stewardship of the environment;
  • to oversee the town’s efforts to increase diversity so that all persons feel welcome in our community and to improve inclusion so that all residents can participate more fully in our community;
  • to develop and enhance partnerships with individuals, organizations, corporations and governments to improve the sustainability of the town; and
  • to provide advice to council on matters of sustainability

Committee Members

  • Chair - Councillor Gordie Cox
  • Vice-Chair - Councillor Ron Dowling
  • Angela Banks
  • Andrew Davies
  • Michael Fleischmann
  • Tyler Gallant
  • Christina MacLeod