The role of the Infrastructure Committee is:

  • to oversee the development, management and maintenance of all town and utility infrastructure, facilities and equipment except for sport, culture and wellness facilities and equipment;
  • to oversee the development and implementation of the customer service regulations for water and sewer customers, including interpreting the regulations and making decisions thereon;
  • to oversee the development and implementation of beautification and naturalization efforts including trees, flowers and shrubs, seasonal decorations, signage, amenities, banners and related items;
  • to make recommendations regarding traffic including the management of on and off street parking and traffic control devices;
  • to develop and enhance partnerships with individuals, organizations, corporations and governments to improve stewardship of the town assets; and
  • to provide advice to council on matters relating to infrastructure and utility customers.

Committee Members

  • Chair - Deputy Mayor Steve Gallant
  • Vice-Chair - Councillor Jill Chandler
  • Cliff Campbell
  • Alex Dalziel
  • Malcolm MacKenzie
  • Nicolas Pecoskie
  • Nicole Phillips