The role of the Finance and Technology Committee is:

  • to ensure good financial stewardship through the development and implementation of a performance based budgeting system for the town and town entities and by making public engagement a central component of the process;
  • to monitor the expenditures of the town and town entities;
  • to oversee the development and implementation of sustainable purchasing policies and methods;
  • to act as the audit committee for the town and for town entities and to make recommendations regarding best practices for accounting;
  • to plan and implement technology solutions to support the work of the town including communications, computer hardware and software solutions;
  • to oversee the operation of the Stratford Seniors complex;
  • to develop and enhance partnerships with individuals, organizations, corporations and governments to improve financial stewardship and information technology deployment; and
  • to provide advice to council on matters relating to financial stewardship and information technology.

Committee Members

  • Chair - Councillor Ron Dowling
  • Vice-Chair - Councillor Jeff MacDonald
  • Roger MacDonald
  • Pat Ryan
  • Khalid Shami
  • Lauren Vail
  • Vacant