The Diversity and Inclusion is a sub-Committee of the Sustainability Committee and its’ role is:

  • To regularly review and oversee the implementation of the Town’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan;
  • To recommend strategies to increase diversity in the Town so that all persons feel welcome;
  • To recommend strategies to improve inclusion in the Town so that all persons are able to fully participate in the community;
  • To recommend strategies to enhance the Town’s reputation as a diverse and inclusive community; and
  • To devise and carry out programs and events in support of the recommended strategies

The Committee is guided by the Diversity and Inclusion Report and Plan for the Town of Stratford.

Download the original Diversity & Inclusion Plan.
This plan was updated in 2018: FINAL: Town of Stratford Diversity and Inclusion Plan (Updated 2018)

Committee Members

  • Shamara Baidoobonso
  • Noelle Duncan
  • Rebecca Mok
  • Farahnaz Rezaei
  • Abraham Roy
  • Thilak Tennekone (Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities Representative)
  • Vacant